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State of Iowa Bid Opportunities and DAS Contracts - Disclaimer

The State assumes no responsibility for representations concerning these opportunities which are or may be made by its employees, agents, or representatives prior to the execution of a legal contract, unless such representations are specifically incorporated in writing. Verbal discussions pertaining to modifications or clarifications shall not be considered unless confirmed in writing. All such requests for clarification shall be submitted in writing to the designated Issuing Officer. Any information provided by the Vendor verbally shall not be considered part of a proposal. Only written communications from the Vendor and received by the designated Issuing Officer within the required time frames shall be accepted.

All inquiries concerning these opportunities shall be submitted in writing to the designated Issuing Officer. From the date of issuance to the date the contract is signed, Vendors shall contact only the designated Issuing Officer. During this period, direct or indirect attempts by a Vendor, its employees, agents or representatives, to contact other representatives of the State to obtain information or for other purposes regarding these opportunities or procurement processes may result in disqualification and/or cease further consideration.