For various economic, personal, and environmental reasons, many people are changing their transportation ways. Whether driving, walking, biking, busing, carpooling, or vanpooling, the following information is provided for employees and the general public visiting the State Capitol Complex.


  • Caravan by DART
  • Statewide DOT Park and Ride Interactive Webmap - Identifies statewide park and ride lots in urban and rural locations where commuters may park their vehicles when carpooling, vanpooling, or taking public transit. 

    (Park and Ride information provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation.)

Des Moines Public Transit

Complex Carpool Parking

Reserved parking spaces on the Capitol Complex are available for State employed Vanpool drivers and Carpool drivers with three or more employees commuting daily to the Capitol Complex. For more information regarding carpool/vanpool parking permits on the Capitol Complex, contact DAS General Services at or (515) 281-7259.

General Parking

Parking for employees and the general public is available at designated locations on the Capitol Complex.