NOTE: The information contained in this section is a summary of the features of the Relocation Program. Please consult your agency's human resources associate for complete program information and the appropriate forms.

Who is Eligible?

Current Employees

Executive branch state employees who are reassigned at the direction of the appointing authority shall be reimbursed for relocation and related expenses in accordance with the appropriate rules and policies. Eligibility for reimbursement shall occur when all of the following conditions exist:

  • The move is for the primary benefit of the State,
  • A permanent change in duty station is required, and
  • The individual must change his or her place of personal residence beyond 25 miles. (For moves less than 25 miles, no relocation expenses will be allowed unless the Department of Administrative Services, Human Resources Enterprise has given prior approval.)

New Employees

If approved by the appointing authority, an individual newly hired or promoted may be reimbursed for relocation and related expenses at the same rate used for the reimbursement of a current employee who has been reassigned. The appointing authority shall have the discretion to decide the extent to which reimbursement is provided to newly hired or promoted employees.

You may elect to relocate temporarily for up to twelve months after beginning work at the new location. Temporary living expenses are reimbursable for up to 90 days and are included as part of the total amount reimbursable under the Relocation Policy. During the twelve month period, you remain eligible to relocate permanently.

How Does It Work?

Once you have received the appropriate approval(s) for reimbursement of relocation expenses, you are responsible for making all relocation arrangements. See your Human Resources Associate for required forms.

What's Covered?

Certain moving expenses are eligible for full reimbursement, while others may be partially reimbursed, limited to an aggregate total, or not reimbursable. Detailed information about reimbursable expenses is available from your personnel assistant.

For More Information:

Contact your agency's Human Resources Associate for more detailed information about relocation reimbursement.

State Accounting Policy and Procedures

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