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CPM facilitators are subject matter experts with practitioner, research, or teaching experience in their topic of specialization. The CPM curriculum delivered is designed based on the following principles:

  • To meet the standards set by the National CPM Consortium—the seven areas of competency
  • To create a learning environment for ALL participants (facilitators too)
  • To meet the unique needs of public managers serving in Iowa state and local government plus not-for-profit organizations
  • To be transferable to real organizations—is must be designed so the application of the program can be integrated into the mission of public organizations
  • It must provide an opportunity for cross-organizational learning—the group projects are an outcome of this principle
  • To develop a team oriented learning atmosphere
  • To integrate academic, public, and private sector perspectives

Competencies & Curriculum

As shown in the chart below, the ICPM curriculum is designed to address seven critical areas of competency essential to the development of a professional public manager.

Seven Areas of Competency and Supporting Curriculum

Team Project

In order to apply the theories, principles, and techniques within the CPM curriculum, each participant must also complete a team project. These projects provide a CPM-based solution to a real situation, problem, concern, or opportunity facing public organizations.