The State Accounting Enterprise (SAE) is committed to promoting the well being of Iowans by providing efficient and effective services and resources so all outreaching State departments can better serve citizens of the state. These services and resources, dependent on the collection and reporting of financial information and the processing of financial transactions, are critical elements needed by every branch of government in order to maintain the quality of life Iowans enjoy.

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    Prevention of Human Trafficking Certification

    Department personnel are required to verify their In-State lodging facility has completed certification in order to receive reimbursement.   

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    Open Checkbook | State of Iowa

    Iowa’s open checkbook,, is an interactive ledger representing the State of Iowa’s ongoing commitment to improving fiscal transparency. This website, managed by the Department of Management, allows you to explore state executive branch expenditures from high level summaries down to checkbook level transactions recorded in the State’s central accounting system through highly interactive charts, graphs, and tables. 

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