The Offset Program is a method used by the State of Iowa to collect money owed to the State under Iowa Code § 8A.504. The Iowa Code directs the Department of Administrative Services, State Accounting Enterprise (DAS-SAE) to establish and maintain a procedure to collect against any claim owed to a person by a state agency, and then apply the money owed to the person against the debt owed by the person to the State of Iowa. 

Held Payments

If you received a letter of notification that your money has been offset (held) by a state agency, visit our webpage Held Payments for more information

Held Payments by the Federal Government 

The Offset Program does not hold federal income tax refunds. Contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or visit their website "Where's My Refund?" for your refund status if the Federal Government has offset (held) your federal tax refund. The Offset Program staff is not provided any information by the Federal Government and is unable to respond to your requests. 

Participation of State Agencies or Political Subdivisions in the Offset Program

If your state agency or political subdivision of the state is interested in joining the Offset Program, visit our webpage Participant Information for more details.