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Code of Iowa Laws Pertaining to State Accounting

Each Code Section Below contains specific, permanent laws located within the Code of Iowa as relevant to State Accounting Enterprise. 

Code Section Title
8A.502 Financial Administration Duties
8A.503 Deposit of Departmental Moneys
8A.505 Cost Allocation System
8A.506 Accounting
8A.507 Stating Account
8A.508 Compelling Payment
8A.509 Defense to Claim
8A.510 Requested Credits - Oath Required
8A.511 Requisition For Information
8A.512 Limits On Claims
8A.512A Executive Branch Employee Travel - Information & Database
8A.513 Claims - Approval
8A.514 Vouchers - Interest - Payment of Claims
8A.515 Warrants - Form
8A.516 Required Payee
8A.517 Prohibited Payee
8A.518 Claims Exceeding Appropriations
8A.519 Cancellation of State Warrants