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Eligibility Requirements

CPM Candidates must...

  • manage people or projects.
  • be employed by a government agency (including municipal, county, township, federal, special district, state and regional governments).
  • possess conceptual ability, reading comprehension and written and verbal communication capabilities.
  • commit to completing the entire program - usually in a two-year period.
  • complete the required application and receive an endorsement from his/her immediate supervisor and organization's director or designee.
  • meet any additional criteria as determined by his/her organization.


Technology Requirements

CPM is a very engaging experience both virtually and face-to-face on the Drake campus. Major elements of this CPM cohort take place online. Because of that, we ask that each CPM participant has access to a device with an internet connection, a microphone, and a camera for virtual engagement. If that resource is not available to you, please contact kim.hanson@iowa.gov.



CPM participant & manager responsibilities
Participant ResponsibilitiesEmployer Responsibilities

CPM participants will...

  • attend and participate in all classes throughout the seventeen-month curriculum.
  • allow for the time commitment with no interruptions or distractions.
  • apply the program's principles and professional knowledge gained to the workplace.

CPM participant's supervisor or manager will...

  • attend the final project presentation
  • review with the participant their progress and discuss workplace situations that relate to the CPM Program
  • support employees by providing the time to participate in all required classes with no interruptions or distractions
  • provide an environment that encourages employees to apply what they have learned to their work


Cost Investment 

Organizations that invest in employee development through CPM benefit from the CPM participant’s enhanced skill set and strengthen the workplace by having fully developed managers who function in critical support roles.

The CPM program costs $3500 per student for 300 contact hours of instruction which takes place over a 17 month period of time. Compare this learning opportunity to the cost of attending an out-of-state conference and you will see this is an excellent learning value.

The organizations may choose to pay for the program as a one-time fee of $3500 or as a monthly fee of $250 for 14 months. The billing preference should be stated on the participants application.

Please note: While organizations have typically paid for a staff member's participation in CPM, it is up to the individual organizations to determine if the program will be paid by the organization or the staff member.