The State of Iowa is committed to supporting employees’ personal and professional lives, which may include an employee taking a leave of absence. Employees may be eligible for a variety of types of leave either with or without pay as shown below. You are able to request a leave of absence in Workday via the absence calendar. Each link will provide more detailed information, including links to Smart Guides to navigate the process in Workday.

The DAS Leave Administration Team is a confidential, customer focused team that will maintain and monitor leaves, and make determinations on leave eligibility, qualifying reasons, and forms/medical certification completeness.

Employees will be required to provide a complete and sufficient medical certification when requested in order to determine if a serious health condition exists. Only the DAS Leave Administration Team will have access to the medical information provided to them by the employee’s medical provider on the Certification of Health Care Provider (CHCP). Other documentation may be required for other types of leave.

After carefully reading the information pertaining to your leave, if you have general questions on policies and procedures, you can reach the DAS Leave Administration Team at 515-72-LEAVE (515-725-3283) or via email at Our dedicated fax number is 515-242-5070.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The State of Iowa will provide Family and Medical Leave to eligible employees to take time off for qualified events. Employees who qualify for FMLA leave are eligible to retain up to two weeks (80 hours) of accrued vacation leave in each fiscal year.

Military Service Leave

Employees who are called for military duty or are enlisting as a member of the National Guard, organized reserve, or any component part of the military of the State of Iowa or the United States and are a non-temporary employee, will be paid their regular salary for time spent on military service for up to 30 days per calendar year.

Process for Donated Catastrophic Illness Requests and Contributions

Employees who have exhausted all applicable paid time off and experience a catastrophic illness or injury to themselves or an immediate family member may be eligible to receive donated vacation. Catastrophic donations are not applicable if you are on an approved FMLA and have elected to retain accrued vacation.