A transfer is when an employee from a Board of Regents’ Institution, moves to a vacant position in the Executive Branch in the same job class or a different job class without a break in service. The vacant position must be posted on NeoGov and the employee must be hired in accordance with DAS Administrative Rules.

** This page only applies to transfers from a Board of Regents' institution, this does not apply to transfers between other non-central payroll (DOT, CBC, etc.), please refer to the Group Insurance Effective Date of Coverage for all others.

Employment Status

  • If the employee has a temporary status, apply the same procedures as other employees in the executive branch with a temporary status.

Probationary Period

  • The employee shall be required to serve a probationary period.  


  • The employee shall keep their adjusted employment and seniority dates.

Pay Administration

  • The employee’s pay must be at least at the minimum and not in excess of the maximum of the pay grade for the class to which assigned.
  • An appointment may be made at less than the employee's current pay.
  • Advanced appointment rates may be given in accordance with DAS rules.
  • The employee shall be treated like a new employee for purposes of pay administration. The employee's pay increase eligibility date shall be six months in the new position; then the merit review date would be 12 months after that.


  • The employee will maintain their current vacation anniversary date and their accrual rate will be in accordance with Iowa Code 70A.1.
  • Accrued vacation shall transfer from the sending appointing authority to the receiving appointing authority.

Sick Leave 

  • Accrued sick leave shall be transferred and not paid off.

Group Insurance (Health, Dental, Life, and Long-term disability insurance)

  • Group insurance coverage will be effective the first of the month following one consecutive calendar month in paid status from the transfer. (If first day of employment is the first working day of the month, effective first of the following month.)


  • The employee may receive catastrophic leave donations between the Executive Branch and a Regents’ institution.
  • The employee transferring from/to the Executive Branch and/or a Regents’ institution cannot exceed 30 days of military leave each calendar year. 
  • FMLA-related hours must be taken into account by the Executive Branch agency or the Regent institution where the employee transfers.

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