The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential resources to help State employees and eligible family members address challenges which may impact job performance, affect well-being, and take a toll on overall health. EAP services are provided at no cost to employees and eligible family members. 

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EAP services are provided by KEPRO, a nationwide health care management company. Calls to KEPRO counselors are confidential, and information will not be shared with anyone unless you provide written permission. The only legal exceptions to confidentiality are in cases where there is child or dependent adult abuse/neglect or in life threatening situations. 


Full and part-time employees who receive a paycheck from the State of Iowa are eligible to use EAP services. Members of the employee's household are also eligible to use EAP services. Upon employment termination, employees and their family members remain eligible to use EAP services for up to 30 days following termination.

KEPRO Resources

    Kepro EAP Quarterly Newsletters

    Balance is a newsletter specific to employees and their family members which features helpful information for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
    Solutions, is a newsletter specific to managers, supervisors, and human resources staff, featuring management resources available through the EAP, and other recommendations on how to manage issues that arise with employees. 
    Current Newsletters
    Balance Newsletter                       Solutions Newsletter
    Past Newsletters  
    Balance Solutions
    Q2 2023 Balance Newsletter Q2 2023 Solutions Newsletter
    Q1 2023 Balance Newsletter Q1 2023 Solutions Newsletter
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    On-Demand Monthly Webcasts

     Available anytime, any day, the EAP is a free, confidential program to help you balance your work, family, and personal life

    Online Webinar for December:  This month’s theme is Making a Change.

    Learn how to make positive changes and discover tips to embrace the discomfort that comes with change.

    Please see the attached webinar information entitled: “Making a Change”.

    Available on demand beginning December 19, 2023  (Broadcast Length:  60 Minutes)


    Missed last month's Online Seminar?

    Online Webinar for November:  This month’s theme is Caring for the Caregiver.

    People who experience caregiver stress can be vulnerable to change in their own health. In this month’s webinar we explore how to cope with caregiver stress while supporting our loved ones.

    Please see the attached tip sheet and webinar information entitled: “Caring for the Caregiver”.

    Available on demand beginning November 8, 2023  (Broadcast Length:  50 Minutes)


    How to Access:  Go to your EAP website: Enter your code: IOWA and look for Online Seminars in the lower left-hand corner of this homepage or you can search for them by title.

    Upcoming online demand online schedule: 2023 Webinar Calendar

    Recorded Webinars


    World Mental Health Day Promo flyer

    In recognition of October 10th being World Mental Health Awareness Day, we are offering an additional webinar this month.  It focuses on understanding mental health as a universal right, exploring everyone’s role in promoting mental health rights and highlighting the importance of self-care practices. It will be available on demand beginning October 10th.

    Empowering Minds, Changing Lives: Championing Mental Health Rights

    Use EAP link and company code to  access the  webinar.

    **Please note that offers a depression screening in the Mental Health Section subcategory Depression/Dysthymia. Our Kepro EAP Consultants are available 24/7/365 to assist with screening for depression symptoms and making appropriate referrals for help.

    If you need immediate clinical assistance, please call 800-833-3031, our dedicated EAP line to reach our 24/7 clinical team.

    Global Healing Series, Part I: Social Injustice -  Important Conversations for Company Leaders (Helping employees communicate  thoughts and feelings associated with racial inequality and social unrest) OVERVIEW: COVID-19 and the recent death of George Floyd exposed profound issues of racial inequality. In response, unparalleled protests are happening around the world. All of this is taking place against a backdrop of anxiety, uncertainty and fear related to COVID-19. During this forum, leaders will receive insight on the potential impact of this crisis on employees and the importance of creating space for respectful dialogue.

    The session will cover:

    • Role personal context plays in understanding impact
    • Importance of corporate culture
    • Ways companies can support employees
    • Addressing workplace issues of racism
    • Dealing with unconscious bias

    Retirement Planning

    Retirement: It's Not Just About the Money Webcast presented by Kepro, the State EAP provider, on August 12, 2020. 
    Retirement: A New Beginning

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    EAP Services

    Counseling Services

    EAP counseling services are intended to help people before problems interfere with job performance. EAP services provided by KEPRO at no cost to employees include:

    • Alcohol or other drug abuse
    • Career challenges/job burn-out
    • Financial consultation (budgeting, investing)
    • Grief Counseling
    • Health or stress concerns
    • Interpersonal conflicts
    • Marriage or family problems
    • Legal concerns (personal, non-employment related)
    • Workplace conflicts

    Life Coaching Services

    Life Coaching is designed to help you and your family members better manage a variety of life issues. After calling the EAP and completing an initial telephonic assessment, you will be able to schedule telephone sessions with a trained life coach instead of having in-person appointments with an EAP counselor. You might find life coaching helpful in dealing with a variety of personal concerns including: managing life changes, grief/loss, habit change, and work/life balance.

    These are just a few examples of the types of situations where life coaching might be a good alternative to in-person counseling. You can still have face-to-face contact with a counselor if you prefer. Life Coaching services are offered as an alternative to the in-person assessment and brief counseling services that are available through the EAP.

    Legal Services

    A 30-minute phone or in-person consultation is available to help you answer basic legal questions and simplify the process of obtaining legal help. Some common legal concerns include: adoption, bankruptcy, child custody, criminal issues, divorce, estate planning, immigration, real estate, tenant’s rights, and mediation.

    Financial Services

    A telephonic consultation with a qualified financial consultant is available to assist you with a variety of financial concerns such as: bankruptcy alternatives, budgeting and cash flow, credit issues, identity theft, education funding, income taxes, mortgages, and retirement planning.

    WorkLife Consultation and Referral Services

    Your Employee Assistance Program’s WorkLife Consultation and Referral Services puts reliable resources for every day concerns at your fingertips. This service takes the legwork out of provider searches, gives you access to the expertise of WorkLife consultants as well as web access to thousands of practical, up-to-date articles, calculators, links, interactive planners and self-assessments. Services are available for a wide spectrum of work/life concerns such as: child care and parenting; group, family, in-home or after-school care; summer camps, parenting classes and support; adoption and support groups, in addition to daily living needs such as home maintenance/repair, pet services, consumer information, and housing options.

    Critical Incident Stress Management

    On-site support services are available to help employees cope with situations such as the death or serious injury of a co-worker. These services are initiated by the manager or supervisor contacting the EAP and receiving consultation and guidance on the type and timing of services to be provided.

    Appointments with EAP counselors

    Appointments with EAP counselors are available during business hours as well as some evenings and weekends.   

    You may see a counselor on your own time and no one will need to know. If you need to see an EAP counselor during work time, you will need to:

    • Get approval from your supervisor for time away from work.
    • Sign a release of information form provided by the EAP counselor. This allows the counselor to confirm your work time attendance with your supervisor.
    • No other information will be released without your written permission.

    Cost of EAP Services

    There is no charge to you for services provided by the EAP. However, EAP services are intended to be short-term in nature.

    Counseling services are limited to six (6) sessions with an EAP counselor per incident. If an EAP counselor refers you to other resources for additional help, those resources may charge for their services. EAP counselors will work with you to identify resources that are affordable or that may be partially covered by your health insurance. Life Coaching services are generally provided for up to nine weeks. If you have questions about whether you are covered by the EAP, contact your human resources associate (HRA), personnel officer (PO), or district court administrator.