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Job classification descriptions for state executive branch positions are listed here in alphabetical order. Use the following links to access the desired job classification description.

Detailed information regarding these classifications is available at the Interactive Class and Pay Plan (ICPP).

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Job ClassClass Code
Accountant 200311
Accountant 290311
Accountant 300312, 90312
Accountant 3 (Supervisor)00314
Accountant 400315
Accountant/Auditor 100309
Account Consultant04796
Accounting Clerk 100305
Accounting Clerk 200306
Accounting Clerk 300307, 90307
Accounting Technician 100290
Accounting Technician 200292, 90292
Accounting Technician 300294, 90294
Activities Aide02105
Activities Assistant02107
Activities Director02115
Activities Specialist 102110, 82110
Activities Specialist 202111, 82111
Activities Specialist Supervisor02112, 82112
Actuarial Administrator00466
Actuarial Assistant00464
Actuary Chief00468
Actuary Senior00456
Administrative Assistant 100708, 90708
Administrative Assistant 200709, 90709
Administrative Consultant31513, 91513
Administrative Consultant Voc Rehab 131514
Administrative Consultant Voc Rehab 231515
Administrative Consultant Voc Rehab 331516
Administrative Intern00705
Administrative Law Judge 100790
Administrative Law Judge 200791
Administrative Law Judge 290789
Administrative Law Judge 300792
Administrative Secretary15003
Administrator Civil Commitment Unit Sexual Offenders15270
Administrator Of Nursing02041
Adult Services Monitor04540
Affirmative Action Compliance Officer 103313
Affirmative Action Compliance Officer 203314, 93314
Agriculture Compliance Investigator05120
Agriculture Marketing Specialist05134
Agriculture Products Inspector05144
Agriculture Program Manager 314544
Air Base Security Officer87114
Airport Assistant Fire Chief07131
Airport Firefighter07130
Apiary Inspector05140
Appellate Defender 100630
Appellate Defender 200631
Appellate Defender 300632
Architectural Technician 104363
Architectural Technician 204364
Archivist Supervisor01328
ASL Specialist01048
Assistant Attorney General 145007
Assistant Attorney General 245008
Assistant Attorney General 345009
Assistant Director Of Engineering And Technology14705
Assistant Soils Party Chief04308
Assistant Survey Party Chief04325
Assistant Videographer14760
Attorney 100643, 90643
Attorney 200644, 90644
Attorney 300645, 90645
Attorney Supervisor45027
Auditor Administrator14590
Auditor Chief Deputy14592
Auditor Deputy14591
Automotive Service Worker08365
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Job ClassClass Code
Bank Analyst00415
Bank Bureau Chief00417
Bank Examiner00406
Bank Examiner - Regional Manager00409
Bank Examiner - Senior00408
Bindery Worker08510
Boiler Inspector08430
Braille Transcriber02585
Bridge Inspector 108133
Bridge Inspector 208137
Budget Analyst 100721
Budget Analyst 200722
Budget Analyst 290722
Budget Analyst 300723, 90723
Budget Analyst 400725, 90725
Budget Analyst 500726, 90726
Building/Manufactured Housing Inspector14804
Business Marketing Specialist Workforce Development00817
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Job ClassClass Code
Canteen Clerk07240
Canteen Operator07245
Captain16050, 86050
Carpenter 108040
Carpenter 208041
Certified Vocational Instructor01037
Chemist Supervisor04417
Chief Benefits Officer00833
Chief Communications Engineer04778
Chief Health Profession Investigator02235
Chief Investment Officer00837
Chief Revenue Officer90727
Child Support Recovery Officer03345
Child Support Recovery Supervisor03346
Civil Rights Specialist03437
Clerk00011, 90011
Clerk Advanced00017, 90017
Clerk Specialist00018, 90018
Clinical Dietitian07344
Communications Center Specialist 104715
Communications Center Specialist 204717
Communications Engineer04775
Communications Technician 104735
Communications Technician 204736
Communications Technician 304737
Community Corrections Building Maintenance Coordinator30505
Community Corrections Program Coordinator30407
Community Corrections Program Monitor30335
Community Corrections Supervisor30810, 80810
Community Health Consultant02060
Compliance Officer 100640
Compliance Officer 200641
Compliance Officer 290639
Conservation Officer05355
Construction Technician04320
Construction Technician Assistant04319
Construction Technician Senior04321, 94321
Construction Technician Supervisor04322
Construction/Design Engineer04261
Construction/Design Engineer Associate04260
Construction/Design Engineer Senior04262
Control Center Operator08000
COO Iowa Economic Development Authority14930
Cook 107220
Cook 207221
Correctional Building Services Coordinator87313
Correctional Counselor86419
Correctional Farm Manager85032
Correctional Food Service Coordinator07237, 87237
Correctional Officer86406
Correctional Security Director86416
Correctional Security Manager86415
Correctional Supervisor86411
Correctional Trades Leader08018, 88018
Correctional Treatment Director06421, 86421
Credit Union Examiner00420
Credit Union Examiner Senior00422
Credit Union Examiner Supervisor00430
Crime Laboratory Administrator06025
Criminal Intelligence Analyst06019
Criminal Intelligence Analyst Advanced06021
Criminal Intelligence Analyst Senior06020
Criminal Intelligence Analyst Supervisor06022
Criminalist Supervisor06024
Custodial Assistant07015
Custodial Leader07010
Custodial Supervisor07017
Custodial Worker07005
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Job ClassClass Code
Dairy Products Inspector05112
Data Warehouse Analyst00748
Dental Assistant02220, 82220
Dental Hygienist02222, 82222
Dentist02505, 82505
Deputy Assistant15301
Deputy Attorney General45000
Deputy Corrections Program Administrator06444
Deputy Director Department of Education30142
Deputy Director of Health and Human Services15265
Deputy Director of Iowa Workforce Development00820
Deputy Secretary Of Agriculture14540
Deputy Superintendent06425
Deputy Workers Compensation Commissioner00639
Design Technician04371
Design Technician Associate04370
Design Technician Specialist04372
Director Law Enforcement Academy09231
Disabilities Consultant03150
Disability Examiner03174
Disability Examiner Specialist03177
Disability Examiner Specialist Advanced03178
Disease Intervention Specialist02425
District Mechanic08390
Driver & Identification Service Center Associate06298
Driver & Identification Service Center Consultant06300
Driver & Identification Service Center Specialist06299
Driver & Identification Service Center Supervisor06304
Drivers License Hearing Officer06302
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Job ClassClass Code
Economic Development Specialist 194913
Economic Development Specialist 294914
Economic Development Specialist 394923
Economic Development Specialist 494925
Education Administrator01027
Education Aide01005
Education Program Consultant01071
Educational Interpreter01046
Educator01013, 01014, 01015
Electrical Inspector08328
Electrical Inspector Supervisor08329
Electrical Maintenance Specialist08028
Electrician08326, 88326
Electronic Engineer Technician04742, 84742
Electronics Technician08672, 88672
Elevator/Amusement Ride Inspector00675
Emergency Management Specialist 104016
Emergency Management Specialist 204017
Employer Liability Specialist00888
Energy Management Technician08004
Engineer 214756
Engineering Office Assistant 104380
Engineering Office Assistant 204381
Engineering Operations Technician04385
Engineering Technician Senior04323
Enterprise Fiscal Analyst10701
Enterprise Fiscal Analyst Principal10702
Environmental Engineer04514
Environmental Engineer Senior04522
Environmental Program Supervisor04516
Environmental Specialist04513
Environmental Specialist Senior04519
Epidemiologist Senior02428
Equipment Operator08111
Equipment Operator Senior08113
Evidence Technician06015
Executive Officer 100710, 80710, 90710
Executive Officer 200711, 80711, 90711
Executive Officer 300712, 90712
Executive Officer 400713, 90713
Executive Officer 500714, 90714
Executive Secretary15005
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Job ClassClass Code
Facilities Engineer 104256
Facilities Engineer 204257
Facilities Engineer Associate04255
Facilities Maintenance Coordinator08012
Farm Leader85015
Field Auditor00327
Field Auditor90327
Fingerprint Technician06030
Fire Inspector14810
Fire Service Coordinator14808
Fire Service Technical Assistant14806
Fiscal and Policy Analyst00720, 90720
Fiscal and Policy Analyst Principal00728
Fiscal and Policy Analyst Senior00719, 90719
Food Production Supervisor07235
Food Service Worker07200
Food Services Assistant Director07250, 87250
Food Services Director 107252
Food Services Director 207253, 87253
Food Services Director 307254, 87254
Forensic Autopsy Technician02203
Forensic Morgue Attendant02202
Forensic Science Technician06014
Forester 205414
Forester 305417
Furniture Upholsterer08039
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Job ClassClass Code
Gaming Representative 115052
Gaming Representative 215053
Garage Operations Assistant08115
General Counsel00647
General Counsel Supervisor00646
Geological Technician04401
Geologist 204404
Geologist 304407
Graphic Artist08518
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Job ClassClass Code
Health and Human Services Administrator15266
Health and Human Services Deputy Administrator15263
Health and Human Services Senior Health Advisor02515
Health Facilities Officer 104524
Health Facilities Officer 204525
Health Facilities Surveyor04538
Health Physicist 104507
Health Physicist 204508
Health Physicist 304509
Health Professions Investigator02230
Health Services Administrator15276
Heavy Equipment Operator08230
Highway Division Administrator04250
Highway Maintenance Supervisor08117
Highway Technician08122
Highway Technician Associate08121
Highway Technician Senior08123
Historical Program Specialist01337, 91337
Human Resources Associate00772
Human Resources Professional 100756
Human Resources Professional 200757
Human Resources Program Coordinator00758
Human Resources Technical Assistant00770
Human Resources Technical Specialist00771
Human Services Quality Assurance Coordinator03035
HVAC Coordinator08330, 88330
HVAC Technician08323, 88323
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Job ClassClass Code
ICN Audio - Video Technician08646
ICN Business Development Manager04792
Income Maintenance Administrator03162
Income Maintenance Supervisor03161
Income Maintenance Worker 203089
Income Maintenance Worker 303092
Income Maintenance Worker 403093
Income Maintenance Worker 503094
Income Maintenance Worker 603095
Information Specialist 100750, 90750
Information Specialist 200751, 90751
Information Specialist 300754, 90754
Information Technology Administrator 100126
Information Technology Administrator 200127
Information Technology Administrator 300128
Information Technology Administrator 400129
Information Technology Enterprise Expert00160
Information Technology Specialist 100118, 90118
Information Technology Specialist 200119, 90119
Information Technology Specialist 300120, 90120
Information Technology Specialist 400121, 90121
Information Technology Specialist 500122, 90122
Information Technology Support Worker 100114
Information Technology Support Worker 200115
Information Technology Support Worker 300116
Information Technology Support Worker 400117
Ingredient Room Worker 107215
Ingredient Room Worker 207216
Installation Security Officer87113
Institutional Superintendent15272
Institutional Superintendent Medical15273
Insurance Accounting Specialist00461
Insurance Claims Investigator00452
Insurance Company Examinations, Deputy Administrator00450
Insurance Company Examiner Chief00449
Insurance Complaint Analyst00454
Insurance Deputy Commissioner - Supervision00451
Insurance Examiner 100444
Insurance Examiner 200445
Insurance Examiner 300447
Insurance Examiner 400448
Insurance Examiner 500446
Insurance Investment Specialist00463
Insurance Policy Analyst00455
Insurance Program Specialist00453
Internal Auditor00335
Investigator 100695, 80695
Investigator 145012
Investigator 200696, 80696, 90696
Investigator 245013
Investigator 300697, 80697
Investigator 345014
Investigator 445015
Iowa Finance Authority - Comptroller00318
IPERS Chief Executive Officer00838
ISD/IESBVI Faculty01040
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Job ClassClass Code
Job Insurance Quality Auditor00882
Justice Systems Analyst20639
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Job ClassClass Code
Key Account Executive00905
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Job ClassClass Code
Labor Market Research Economist 100870
Labor Market Research Economist 200871
Labor Market Research Economist 300872
Labor Safety Officer00670
Laboratory Assistant 205166
Land Surveyor04240
Land Surveyor Senior04241
Laundry Supervisor07311
Laundry Worker 107305
Laundry Worker 207306
Law Clerk00638, 90638
Law Clerk45020
Law Enforcement Academy Training Coordinator06069
Law Enforcement Instructor06068
Legal Instructor06077
Legal Secretary 145038
Legal Secretary 245039
Legal Secretary 345040
Librarian 101315
Librarian 201316
Librarian Supervisor01321
Library Associate01310
Library Consultant01319
Library Program Director01322
Library Resources Technician01313
Licensed Practical Nurse02002, 82002
Licensing Assistant15051
Lieutenant16040, 86040
Livestock Inspector05117
Long Term Care Ombudsman02600
Lottery Communications Coordinator00925
Lottery District Sales Representative00915
Lottery Regional Sales Manager00918
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Job ClassClass Code
Mail Clerk 100260
Mail Clerk 200261
Maintenance Leader08010
Maintenance Repairer08016
Maintenance Repairs Supervisor08021
Maintenance Worker 108005
Maintenance Worker 208006
Major16060, 86060
Management Analyst 100733, 90733
Management Analyst 200734, 90734
Management Analyst 300736, 90736
Management Analyst 400737
Master Control Operations Technician14716
Master Control Operations Technician Senior14717
Materials Fabrication Inspector 104343
Materials Fabrication Inspector 204344
Materials Technician 304342
Materials Technician 404345
Materials Technician 504353
Meat Inspector05126
Mechanic Helper08370
Mechanic Supervisor08382
Medicaid Administrator15264
Medical Laboratory Technician02205
Medical Technologist02215
Medicolegal Death Investigator00699
Microbiologist Supervisor04424
Motor Vehicle Captain86362
Motor Vehicle Commander86364
Motor Vehicle Commander Uniform86365
Motor Vehicle Investigator86340
Motor Vehicle Officer86360
Motor Vehicle Sergeant86361
Museum Assistant01338
Museum Guide01333
Museum Technician01330
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Job ClassClass Code
Natural Resources Biologist05340
Natural Resources Biometrician05353
Natural Resources Technician 105301
Natural Resources Technician 205331
Nurse Clinician02021, 52021
Nurse Practitioner02027
Nurse Specialist02026
Nurse Supervisor02022, 52022, 82022
Nursery Worker 105005, 95005
Nursery Worker 205006, 95006
Nursing Services Director02035, 82035
Nursing Standards Representative02045
Nursing Unit Coordinator02000, 82000
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Job ClassClass Code
Occupational Therapist 102118
Occupational Therapist 202119
Occupational Therapy Assistant02117
Operations Assistant14749
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Job ClassClass Code
Painter 108043
Painter 208044
Paralegal15004, 45004, 95004
Park Manager05335
Park Ranger05210
Parole Board Liaison Officer06453
Parts Worker08140
Peace Officer Candidate15223
Peace Officer Candidate Senior15224
Performance Results Administrator00718
Performance Results Facilitator00717
Performance Results Practitioner00715
Pesticide Investigator05145
Pharmacy Assistant02225
Pharmacy Consultant02228
Pharmacy Director06440
Pharmacy Supervisor02232
Pharmacy Technician02227
Physical Therapist 102130
Physical Therapist 202131
Physical Therapy Aide02125
Physician Assistant02550, 52550
Physician Supervisor15187
Planning Aide 104005
Planning Aide 204006
Planning Aide 304007
Plant Operations Manager 108425, 88425
Plant Operations Manager 208426
Plant Operations Manager 308427, 88427
Plant Pathologist05160
Plumber 108045
Plumber 208046
Polygraph Examiner86400
Power Plant Engineer 108410
Power Plant Engineer 208415
Power Plant Engineer 308416, 88416
Power Plant Engineer 408420, 88420
Pretrial Interviewer30305
Probation/Parole Officer 130310
Probation/Parole Officer 230311
Probation/Parole Officer 330312, 80312
Production Assistant14731
Production Manager14713
Production Technician14720
Production Technician Senior14721
Professional Licensing Investigator00400
Program Administrator41005
Program Planner 104020
Program Planner 204022
Program Planner 294022
Program Planner 304023, 94023
Property Appraiser 100367
Property Appraiser 200368
Property Appraiser 300369
Property Appraiser 400370
Psychiatric Security Specialist83220
Psychologist 103245, 83245
Psychologist 203246, 83246
Psychologist 303248, 83248
Psychology Administrator03249
Psychology Assistant03242
Public Defender 100633
Public Defender 200634
Public Defender 300635
Public Defender Fellow00629
Public Defender Supervisor 100636
Public Defender Supervisor 200637
Public Information Assistant14737
Public Safety Assistant Chief10191
Public Safety Chief16075
Public Service Executive00787, 80787
Public Service Manager 100784, 60784, 80784
Public Service Manager 200786, 60786, 80786
Public Service Supervisor00781
Purchasing Agent 100210
Purchasing Agent 200211
Purchasing Agent 300212
Purchasing Assistant00205
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Job ClassClass Code
Racing Steward Equine15057
Racing Veterinarian Canine15056
Racing Veterinarian Equine15055
Radiological Technologist 102209
Radiological Technologist 202211
Recreational Aide05200
Refugee Specialist 100895
Refugee Specialist 200896
Regional Special Education Director01075
Registered Nurse02020, 82020
Rehabilitation Assistant02566
Rehabilitation Associate02567
Rehabilitation Consultant37501
Rehabilitation Counselor02569
Rehabilitation Counselor Specialist02572
Rehabilitation Referral Specialist36301
Rehabilitation Supervisor02573
Rehabilitation Technology Specialist41006
Reproduction Equipment Leader08530
Reproduction Equipment Operator 108525
Reproduction Equipment Operator 208526
Resident Aide03200
Resident Treatment Supervisor03203
Resident Treatment Technician03202
Resident Treatment Worker03201
Residential Officer30400
Residential Officer 230401
Resource Manager31305
Respiratory Therapy Technician02200
Retirement Benefits Officer00846
Retirement Benefits Officer Senior00847
Retirement Benefits Technician00845
Retirement Compliance Officer00849
Retirement Compliance Officer Senior00848
Retirement Investment Officer – Compliance00841
Retirement Investment Officer – Head of Strategy00844
Retirement Investment Officer – Quantitative00842
Retirement Investment Officer Senior00843
Retirement Investment Risk & Asset Allocation Officer00834
Revenue Agent 100354
Revenue Agent 200355
Revenue Agent 300356
Revenue Auditor 200343
Revenue Auditor 300344
Revenue Examiner 100350
Revenue Examiner 200351
Revenue Examiner 300357
Right Of Way Agent 104110
Right Of Way Agent 204111
Right Of Way Agent 304112
Right Of Way Agent 404113
Right Of Way Aide 304107
Right Of Way Aide 404108
Roadside Development Specialist 104235
Roadside Development Specialist 204236
Roadside Development Specialist 304237
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Job ClassClass Code
Safety and Health Consultant00666
Safety Inspection Coordinator00676
Safety Officer00761, 80761
Secretary 100025, 90025
Secretary 200026, 90026
Secretary 315002, 95002
Security Guard 107110
Security Guard 207111
Security Guard 307113
Senior Correctional Officer86409
Senior Industrial Hygienist00674
Senior Producer/Director14722
Senior Services Specialist For The Blind 141151
Senior Services Specialist For The Blind 241192
Senior Services Specialist For The Blind 341121
Senior Utility Analyst00531
Sergeant16030, 86030
Services Specialist For The Blind 141050
Services Specialist For The Blind 241120
Sewing Room Attendant 107320
Sewing Room Attendant 207321
Sign Fabricator 108346
Sign Fabricator 208347
Sign Language Instructor01047
Social Work Administrator03037
Social Work Associate03010
Social Work Supervisor03025
Social Worker 203011, 23013
Social Worker 303016, 23016
Social Worker 403017
Social Worker 503018
Social Worker 603019
Soil Conservation Technician 105465
Soil Conservation Technician 205466
Soil Conservation Technician 305467
Soils Party Chief04310
Soils Party Supervisor04312
Special Agent 110100
Special Agent 210170, 80170
Special Agent In Charge10188, 80188
Special Investigator80690
Speech/Language Pathologist 102135
Speech/Language Pathologist 202136
State Auditor 194584
State Auditor 294585
State Auditor 394586
State Auditor 494587
State Auditor 594589
State Chief Information Officer00132
State Climatologist14563
State Entomologist14558
State Epidemiologist02431
State Industries Production Coordinator86469
State Industries Production Technician86467
State Industries Sales Representative06460
State Industries Supervisor86468
State Medical Examiner15190
State Treasurer Deputy15300
Statistical Assistant00741
Statistical Research Analyst 100743
Statistical Research Analyst 200744
Statistical Research Analyst 300746
Storekeeper 100235
Storekeeper 200236, 80236
Storekeeper 300237, 80237
Studio Engineer14754
Studio Engineer Advanced14759
Studio Engineer Senior14757
Survey Party Chief04326
Surveys Manager04330
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Job ClassClass Code
Tax Performance System Analyst00883
Taxpayer Service Specialist 100373
Taxpayer Service Specialist 200374
Taxpayer Service Specialist 300375
Technical Service Specialist00133
Technical Service Specialist Senior00134
Technical Tax Specialist 100360
Technical Tax Specialist 200361
Technical Tax Specialist 300362
Technology Account Manager00130
Telecommunications Administrator04786
Telecommunications Design Specialist04779
Telecommunications Engineer04787
Telecommunications Engineer Senior04788
Telecommunications Manager04784
Telecommunications Marketing Analyst04793
Telecommunications Marketing Analyst Senior04794
Telecommunications Sales Engineer04799
Telecommunications Specialist04780
Telecommunications Specialist Senior04781
Telecommunications Technology Enterprise Expert04789
Telephone Operator00035
Therapeutic Technician07340
Tourism Guide01363
Track Inspector00684
Trades Helper08015
Training Specialist 100763, 80763, 90763
Training Specialist 200768, 90768
Transmitter Engineer14751
Transmitter Engineer Advanced14753
Transmitter Engineer Senior14752
Transport Driver08210
Transportation Chief Operating Officer04252
Transportation Division Director04251
Transportation Engineer04243
Transportation Engineer Administrator04248
Transportation Engineer Associate04219, 54219
Transportation Engineer Executive04249
Transportation Engineer Manager04247
Transportation Engineer Senior04245
Transportation Engineer Specialist04244
Transportation Planner 104049
Transportation Planner 204051
Transportation Planner 304052
Transportation Planner 404054
Transportation Student Co - Op04220
Treasury Investment Officer 100685
Treasury Investment Officer 200686
Treatment Program Administrator03233
Treatment Program Manager03232
Treatment Program Supervisor03230
Treatment Services Director03235, 83235
Trooper - Pilot16010, 86010
Trooper - Pilot Senior16015, 86015
Trooper 115999
Trooper 216000, 86000
Trooper 316005, 86005
Typist Advanced00013
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Job ClassClass Code
Unemployment Insurance Manager00827
Utilities Board General Counsel15659
Utilities Regulation Engineer 100543
Utilities Regulation Engineer 200545
Utilities Regulation Engineer 300546
Utility Administrator 100535
Utility Administrator 200538
Utility Analyst 100528
Utility Analyst 200529
Utility Attorney 100560, 90560
Utility Attorney 200561, 90561
Utility Office Worker00010
Utility Regulation Inspector00556
Utility Specialist00532
Utilization Specialist14710
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Job ClassClass Code
Vehicle Dispatcher08215
Vehicle Fleet Supervisor08220
Veterans Benefits Specialist00855
Veterinarian Supervisor05139
Veterinary Epidemiologist02429
Video Production Coordinator14728
Vocational Instructor01035
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist02576
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Job ClassClass Code
Warehouse Operations Worker00252
Warehouse Supervisor00256
Warehouse/Grain Dealer Examiner00482
Warehouse/Grain Dealer Examiner Supervisor00484
Water And Disposal Plant Operator 108405
Water And Disposal Plant Operator 208406
Weights And Measures Inspector05101
Word Processor 100060
Word Processor 200061
Word Processor 300063
Workforce Advisor00807
Workforce Associate00806
Workforce Development Manager00815
Workforce Development Supervisor00813
Workforce Program Coordinator00809
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Job ClassClass Code
Youth Counselor03054
Youth Counselor Supervisor03057
Youth Services Technician03047
Youth Services Worker03040

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