Classification & Compensation Forms

552-0094    Position Description Questionnaire

552-0125    Special Pay/Appointment Action

                     Pay Adjustment Rate Calculator

                     Total Compensation Calculator

Note: The Bargaining Exemption Questionnaire (552-0631), Merit Exemption Questionnaire (552-0733), and Supervisory Analysis Questionnaire (552-0193) have been eliminated. These supplemental forms were integrated into the Position Description Questionnaire (552-0094) in August 2017.

Changes to the Classification & Compensation System

Please refer to your DAS-HRE Human Resources Consultant (HRC) for discussion regarding possible requests for changes to the classification and compensation system, including changes to minimum qualification requirements, pay grades, and selectives.  For more information, please refer to the project overview regarding DAS-HRE's review of the classification and compensation system