Eligibility to Continue Retiree Health and Dental

To continue coverage under a state-sponsored health and dental insurance plan, you must:

  • Be at least age 55 by your retirement date;
  • Applied for and receive a State of Iowa monthly pension benefits (IPERS);
  • Be enrolled in a state-sponsored health insurance plan at the time of your enrollment; and
  • Complete and sign the appropriate retirement paperwork. 

Effective Date of Coverage

Coverage in the active employee group will cease at the end of the month in which you retire. Your coverage as a retiree will begin the first of the month following retirement.

Coverage Levels

Except for SPOC-covered employees, health and dental insurance plans offers two levels of coverage:

  • Single
  • Family

SPOC-covered employees have four levels of coverage to choose from.

  • Employee only
  • Employee and Spouse
  • Employee and Child(ren)
  • Employee, Spouse, and Children

Eligible Dependents

Eligible family members for retiree health and dental insurance coverage are defined as:

  • Retiree's spouse (This individual is a husband or wife as the result of a legally recognized marriage in Iowa. This does not include a spouse from whom the employee is legally separated or divorced.);
  • Retiree's domestic partner (An unmarried person who has signed an affidavit of domestic partnership with the plan member.);  (NOTICE: Domestic partners for SPOC-covered retirees are not eligible for health and dental insurance coverage.)
  • Retiree's children through the end of the calendar year in which they turn age 26;
  • Employee’s unmarried children over the age of 26 who are full-time students; or
  • Employee’s unmarried children who are totally and permanently disabled prior to age 27.

Dependent Children

A dependent child is:

  • Your natural child
  • A child placed with you for adoption or a legally adopted child
  • A child for whom you have legal guardianship
  • A stepchild
  • A foster child

You may be required to provide documentation that a dependent is eligible as defined above.

Additional Information

Call 866-895-2464 or Email the State Retiree mailbox .

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