Your employment status and circumstances determine what distribution options are available to you. RIC active provider products have no surrender charges or penalties for eligible distributions.

Non-State Public Employers: Distribution Summary

While employed

Your in-service distribution options are limited and do not include a loan provision. Distributions while employed are limited to: an approved unforeseeable emergency, a qualified small account cash out, attainment of age 70 1/2, or a purchase of qualified IPERS credits.

Once terminated from employment

Your distribution options after you leave employment are very flexible. Your 457 account has no age limitation on cash distributions at retirement, whereas your 401(a) employer match account may be subject to an IRS 10% penalty on withdrawals made prior to age 59 1/2. Don't make the mistake of rolling your 457 account to an IRA or other eligible plan without considering the impact of the receiving plan restrictions and costs.