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The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is responsible for the acquisition, management, policies, operation, maintenance, repair and disposal of motor vehicles used for the transportation of state of Iowa employees in their official duties.

DAS Fleet Services meets the State’s short and long term vehicle needs by operating a centralized motor pool for daily trip rentals and assigning vehicles to State agencies and institutions for departmental use. State employees may access a vehicle from the motor pool through an on-line reservation system.

Comparisons of value show the centralized fleet is a cost effective way to meet the needs of state agencies, with the cost of operating these vehicles consistently averaging below twenty-one cents per mile. 


The DAS Fleet Services office is open by appointment only until further notice.

** Motor Pool Key KioskVehicle Disinfection Guidelines **

The State Employees Roadside Mobile Assistance (SERMA) website for state employees driving state vehicles. SERMA is a convenient resource accessible by desktop computer or by mobile device at DAS Serma.



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For more information: 515-281-3162

Fleet Manager: Mariah Fucaloro, 515-414-6582

Fleet Administrator: Karl Bubser, 515-868-1635

Fleet Specialist: Michael Rudawski, 515-745-2862

Fleet Secretary: Michelle Kieffer, 515-281-5123                         

DAS Fleet Services - 109 S.E. 13th St., Des Moines, IA 50319