Iowa's Targeted Small Business (TSB) Program is designed to help women, individuals with minority status, service-disabled veterans, and individuals with disabilities overcome some of the hurdles to starting or growing a small business in Iowa.

Created by the Iowa Targeted Small Business Procurement ActIowa Code Chapter 73, Subchapter III the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) administers the TSB Program and certifies TSBs.

To meet the minimum requirements for TSB Certification, a business must:

  • Be located in the state of Iowa.
  • Be operated for a profit.
  • Have less than $4 million in gross income, computed as an average of the preceding three fiscal years.
  • Be majority-owned (51 percent or more), operated and managed by a female, individual with minority status, service disabled veteran or individual with a disability.

For TSB Certification information or applications, visit IEDA’s website: contact Jill Lippincott at 515-725-3132 or

In addition, loan opportunities are available from the Iowa Center for Economic Success, and the Department of Administrative Services Central Procurement Enterprise offers procurement opportunities for Certified TSBs.