Join with 350+ Iowa employers who already enjoy the many benefits of partnering with RIC for their supplemental retirement savings plan needs.

As an employer, you face the challenge of developing and maintaining attractive employee benefits that appeal to qualified, loyal employees.

If you do not currently offer a 457 or are interested in an alternative to your current plan, consider the value-added benefit of joining the State of Iowa Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) 457/401a supplemental retirement savings plans.

Plan Services

RIC realizes the importance of a well-designed, streamlined supplemental retirement savings option for employers to offer their employees. RIC offers years of experience in retirement plan management, administration, investment selection, and much more. RIC has resources to:

  • Help meet your legal and fiduciary obligations
  • Minimize administrative burdens and costs
  • Provide state-of-the-art record keeping services
  • Provide employees with attractive, flexible investment options
  • Help educate your employees about the plan benefits and features
  • Help build employee participation
  • Assist retiring/departing employees with distribution education

Investment offerings

Investments and services are selected by a competitive bidding process and investment consultant advice. With four providers, there are over 140 investment options (RIC At-a-Glance) ranging from conservative to aggressive to help meet each individual’s asset allocation needs. There are no annual contract fees or surrender penalties on any of the RIC products.

Get rid of the stress; put our service to the test! If you are interested in joining, please contact our plan administrator, Jennifer Sandusky, at 515-281-0569 or by email at jennifer.sandusky@iowa.gov.