RIC offers supplemental plan services to 3 types of Iowa employers.

State of Iowa (SOI) 457/401a Plans

All State of Iowa agencies have year-round enrollment, payroll deductions up to 26/year, all RIC 457 plan provider options, and an employer match up to $75/mo.

Authorized providers: Corebridge (formerly AIG), Empower, Horace Mann, Voya


Education-Related Employers (ERE)
403b Plans

Participating k-12 schools, area education agencies (AEA), & community colleges may choose plan options in terms of eligibility requirements, enrollment/payroll change periods, loans, hardship withdrawals, Roth, employer contributions, roll-ins, and inactive provider exchanges (see ERE employer plan details). Some of the ERE employers offer a 457 plan in addition to the 403b plan (see PSE employer plan details).

Authorized providers: Corebridge (formerly AIG), Empower, Horace Mann, Voya, American Fidelity, Equitable, National Life Group, Security Benefit


Public Sector Employers (PSE) 457/401a Plans

Participating cities, counties, municipalities, community colleges, public hospitals, etc. may customize their plans in terms of the number of RIC providers, eligibility requirements, enrollment and deduction change periods, Roth & employer contributions (see PSE employer plan details).

Authorized providers: Corebridge (formerly AIG), Empower, Horace Mann, Voya (employer may choose one or more of the providers).


Contact Information for Advisors

Advisor Contacts
Corebridge (formerly AIG)913-402-5000 (Kathi Allen)Custom website
Empower833-999-IOWA (4692)Custom website / Advisor website /  Financial Professional Reference Guide 
Horace Mann866-533-4488 (Mike Reiter)Custom website
Voya913-661-3744 (Andy Brookshire)Custom website
American Fidelity800-662-1113Website
National Life Group800-732-8939Website
Security Benefit800-888-2461Website