Exchange your provider

A provider exchange refers to the movement of some or all of your RIC assets from one investment provider to another provider in the plan. Check your employer's plan details for possible exchange restrictions.

If you still have assets invested with an inactive provider and wish to make an exchange, be aware that the receiving provider must have an Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) with planwithease or RIC (see list of providers with ISAs) in order to process. Be sure to contact your old provider and ask if there are any fees and/or restrictions on moving your money out.

See Exchanges for more information.

Review instructions for completing an exchange.

NOTE: Exchanges between active providers are not recommended unless you have been dissatisfied with your current active provider services or investments over a reasonable amount of time. Investments with some active providers have no restrictions or fees to consider.

Redirect your future contributions

If you are with an active provider, you may redirect your future contributions to different investments at any time. There are no transaction fees with some of the active providers. You may wish to keep invested assets as they are or reallocate them to different investment options. Contact your provider/advisor or make the changes to your accounts online.