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457/401a self-directed brokerage accounts (SDBAs) allow you to transfer a specified amount of your 457/401a investment dollars to an outside broker for investment in a large array of alternative mutual funds and individual securities (some exceptions). 

The following types of investments are offered in the Schwab self-directed brokerage window for each provider.

  • Taxable mutual funds 
  • Taxable debt securities (fixed income), including Treasuries
  • Equities (stocks) with some exceptions, such as limited partnerships and foreign stocks
  • Exchange-traded funds (excluding security issuing K-1)
457/401a SDBA (SOI) (updated 5/9/24)
Corebridge EmpowerHorace MannVoya
(888) 393-7272(888) 393-7272(800) 677-2363(888) 393-7272
Yearly Fees  (Other fees may apply)
$50 $50$100$50
Core Account Minimum Balance Requirement
Transfer Amount Minimums
No minimumsInitial - $500
Subsequent - $1
Initial - $1,000
Subsequent - $500
Initial - $500
Subsequent - $1