Contracted Service Providers Map

What to do

Follow these procedures if you are involved in an accident or have damage to a State of Iowa vehicle:

  • Render aid or assistance to the injured (per Iowa Code 321.263).

  • The State of Iowa is self-insured. Refer to the insurance card and accident report procedures online or in your glove box packet. If the accident involves another party, exchange information with the driver or property owner. Do not admit fault or attempt to settle your claim.

  • Call local law enforcement, if a fatality, injury or property damage has occurred, and obtain a police report. On the Capitol complex, call Iowa State Patrol, Post 16 at 515-281-5608.

  • Within the first 24 hours, report accident or damage to DAS Fleet Services (515-281-3162 or, your agency fleet contact, and supervisor. Damage caused by an act of nature or unavoidable cause MUST be reported to DAS Fleet Services within 24 hours of the incident to qualify for contingent fund use (per Iowa Code 29C.20).

  • For an estimate, locate the nearest contracted auto body repair shop in the Contracted Service Providers map. A contracted auto body shop within 30 miles should be used if available. 

  • If towing is necessary, contact National Automobile Club (NAC) FleetRescue* (866-329-3471), any local towing company that will bill the State directly or local law enforcement.

  • Within 72 hours, print and submit a completed Accident Report Form, including a cost estimate from the auto body shop to

  • Any accident in the State of Iowa that causes death, personal injury, or total property damage of $1,500 or more must be reported on an Iowa Accident Report Form UNLESS the accident is investigated by a law enforcement agency and a report is filed. Failure to return an accident report form within 72 hours may result in suspension of driving privileges.