Contacting the "right" person to market your products or services is an important part of selling your commodities or services to State Government. This information is provided to assist you in finding that person.

Consider what you sell, how likely the State will buy what you sell, and how to market your product or service accordingly. If your product or service is commonly used by many State agencies, you may wish to begin with a contact to the Department of Administrative Services, Central Procurement u or other agency with independent purchasing authority. The State buys common items, such as office supplies, paper and personal computers for the Enterprise through one or several contracts.

On the other hand, if your product or service is likely to be purchased by an individual department or a State field unit (i.e., a prison or State park), a direct contact to that agency or field unit might be the best approach.

Marketing your service or product is the key to making sales to State agencies. Call, send an e-mail or visit these State staff. You'll find them friendly and helpful. If they cannot help you directly, they will work with you to find the appropriate contact.

SECTION I: Department of Administrative Services Purchasing Agents

The Department of Administrative Services (DAS), Central Procurement acts as a business agent for State agencies, helping them buy a variety of goods and services. Contact Central Procurement to learn how to be notified of statewide contract opportunities.

SECTION II: Agencies/Facilities Financial Managers and Purchasing Contacts

Business managers and their purchasing staff at prisons, the Iowa Veterans' Home and mental health institutions are a good place to start if your product or service is likely to be needed by one of these facilities, but not commonly purchased on a statewide basis. After the sale, these State employees are the best people to contact regarding payment, after sale service and warranty issues. Make them aware of your capability to serve them through a telephone call, e-mail, or an in-person visit.

SECTION III: All other Agencies Financial Managers and Purchasing Contacts

Additional resources include the financial managers and purchasing contacts for other State agencies.  These individuals are involved throughout the purchasing and payment processes.

Vendor payments are handled directly by each agency. For payment, service or warranty issues, please refer to this list for the appropriate agency contact.