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DAS-PDS Training & Development

PDS courses are available to State of Iowa employees as well as other organizations, such as county and city government, and the general public.

Class Spotlight

Generational Diversity

Group of employees of varying ages

June 26 | 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM | Hoover Building

This course is designed for all state employees. Walk through what was happening in history during each generation’s formative years. Discuss how historical events shaped each generation’s paradigm of the world to gain insight into what each generation values and how best to identify with each generation. 

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Training Locations

Unless otherwise specified, training takes place at one of the following locations.

PDS in-person classes:

Hoover Building, 1305 E Walnut St., Des Moines


  • Check in at the front desk for a visitors badge. The desk is located in the room of the left side of the lobby.
  • Proceed through the double doors in the back right corner of the lobby to the elevators.
  • Go down one floor to level A.
  • Proceed to the right through the common area. Most training takes place in conference rooms 5 & 6.


PDS virtual classes: 

PDS live, virtual courses will be held on Zoom. Links to classes can be found in the LMS.

New Horizons classes:

New Horizons live, virtual courses will be held on Zoom. Links to access classes will be sent directly from New Horizons before the date of class.


Please contact us with any special needs, accommodations, or questions.

Training Liaisons

Course Instructors