If a typing test is required for the vacancy for which you are applying, you must provide verification of your typing score PRIOR to the closing date of the vacancy. If you fail to do this, your name will not be referred out on the applicant vacancy list.

Other things to note about typing tests:

  • Check the vacancy posting for the typing speed required for the position.
  • You need only submit a typing score once; this score will be kept on file for two years.
  • Permanent state employees currently working in a typing job class do not need to take a new typing test.
  • Persons on recall are required to take the typing test for positions in a typing job class.

Guidelines for Accepting Typing Tests

Following are the guidelines for accepting typing test scores. We accept typing scores from the following sources:

The criteria for accepting scores from these sources is:

  1. Typing scores must be submitted on official letterhead of the company or school.
  2. Scores must be signed and dated within the last six months by a teacher, test administrator, human resource official, or other authorized person.

Information required:

  • Gross number of words typed in a five minute timed test
  • Number of errors
  • Net words per minute (one point deduction for each error)
  • Your name must be on the document submitted to this office.

If you have any questions about this requirement, please call (515)-281-5889.