The Department of Administrative Services administers the state of Iowa’s vehicle self-insurance program. This includes investigation, negotiation and settlement of all liability, collision and comprehensive claims, development of loss control policies and programs and establishment of an insurance premium charged to State agencies. Our goal is to reduce the potential of injury to both State employees and others who travel the roadways with us and reduce the cost of automobile accident claims. Successful efforts allow us to charge a substantially reduced insurance premium to State agencies.

As part of an ongoing safety and loss control program, all people who drive State vehicles or who operate their personal vehicle for State business must possess a valid Driver's License. The Department of Administrative Services, working closely with the Department of Transportation, reviews driving histories and takes remedial action in certain situations. Travel reimbursements, current assignment of vehicles, use of motor pool cars and accident reports are sources of information on risk of loss and liability.

Refer to Iowa Administrative Code 11 IAC 103 for State Employee Driving Guidelines.

Accidents and Repairs

In the event of an accident or incident resulting in vehicle damage, drivers must follow the instructions provided on the insurance card, SERMA and accident procedures. Vehicles should carry an Information Exchange Sheet in the glove box packet.

Defensive Driving Classes

Beginning Thursday, September 10, 2020, the Defensive Driving course for state of Iowa drivers is offered online.

For registration information, visit our Defensive Driving page.

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