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When can I take a distribution?

What is the process to request a transaction?

How do I request a cash withdrawal?

How do I request a loan?

How do I request a hardship withdrawal?

How do I request a Rollover out of the plan?

How do I request a Rollover into the plan?

How do I request a provider exchange?  (see more exchange information)

Distribution Eligibility

You may access your 403b money:

  • When you have terminated employment
  • When you reach age 59 ½
  • To purchase eligible IPERS credits (non-taxable transfer)
  • For an approved loan (see your plan details for availability)
  • For an approved hardship (available loans must be taken first)

To request a transaction, see Transaction Request Process below.

Transaction Request Process

To make a request, you will need to follow these simple steps. Download illustrated instructions here.

  1. Call your provider for the provider’s forms
  2. Log in to PWE’s website at (login instructions)
  3. Request approval of the transaction
  4. Print the approval letter
  5. Submit the approval letter and provider’s form(s) to the provider.