Tire Suppliers Map

Tire Suppliers List

What to do

Follow these procedures if you are experiencing tire problems on a State of Iowa vehicle:

  • Check the Tire Suppliers map for dealers available through the State's national contract accounts with Bridgestone, Goodyear or Continental. All State-owned vehicles must be taken to one of these dealers, and all invoices must be billed through the national account. 

  • Inform vendors all tire purchases and any repairs over $500 must be approved by DAS Fleet Services prior to work being started. Vendors must call 515-281-3162 for pre-approval.

  • For towing, contact DAS Fleet Services (515-281-3162) for assistance. After hours, call  National Automobile Club (NAC) FleetRescue* (866-329-3471) or local law enforcement.

  • Report breakdown or damage to your agency fleet contact and supervisor. If the vehicle is DAS rental, report the incident to DAS Fleet Services.

  • Contact National Automobile Club (NAC) FleetRescue* at 866-329-3471 if tire-changing assistance is needed.