Statewide WEX-Accepting Stations

For a list of WEX-accepting stations, see the statewide WEX-Accepting Stations map

WEX Connect

The WEX Connect app is available to download on your mobile device and allows the user to:

  • Easily and quickly locate the lowest cost fuel in the area.
  • Find fueling stations that have available car washes.
  • Locate the closest service stations.

Download WEX Connect:

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Capitol Complex Fueling Stations Nearby

Stations offering both E10 and E85 fuels located near the Capitol Complex are:

  • Kum & Go, 2110 Guthrie Avenue (off I-235 at Guthrie Avenue)
  • Kum & Go, 1300 Keo Way (off I-235 at Keosauqua Way)

The closest station offering E10 fuel located near the Capitol Complex is:

  • QuikTrip, 1501 E Grand Avenue (at the intersection of E Grand Avenue and E 15th Street)

WEX Cards

WEX provides the State of Iowa with rebates at the following fueling stations:

  • Casey's: $0.10 off/gallon
  • HyVee Gas: $0.03 off/gallon
  • Kum & Go: $0.035 off/gallon
  • Kwik Trip/Star: $0.05 off/gallon
  • QuikTrip (QT): $0.02 off/gallon
  • Rainbow/Dyno Oil Distributors: $0.03 off/gallon

Drivers must have a Driver's License Verification Form submitted to have a WEX PIN.

E85 Information

E85 must be used in State vehicles that accept this type of fuel. If an E85 facility is not readily available, check the vehicle's owner manual for instructions about switching blends. If another blend of fuel is added to the fuel tank, fill the minimum amount recommended by the manufacturer that will safely allow travel to the nearest E85 fuel station where the fuel tank may be completely filled.  Typically, the vehicle must also remain running for at least 10 minutes to allow enough time for the fuel to properly blend. Failure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations about fuel may result in vehicle damage and/or voided warranties. Do not use E85 if the vehicle does not have E85 capability. 

Q: Why does ethanol cost more than unleaded gasoline at some stations?

A: More and more states - especially those on the east and west coasts - are switching from MTBE to ethanol. This "pressure" on the supply is causing ethanol prices to climb, even though the supply is currently meeting the demand. Retailers without contracts in place are subject to these higher prices which are then passed onto the consumer. To find stations with lower prices, consumers are encouraged to shop around as it is likely that other stations in the community will be selling ethanol at a lower price.

We will continue to keep you informed of news relative to new fueling stations and discounted pricing.