General Training FAQ

PDS Performance & Development Solutions


What is training and development?


Training is providing people with the necessary skills to perform a task in an efficient and effective manner. Training is developing people to become more self-sufficient. It is helping them to continually think about developing themselves and, consequently, the work they are responsible for. Training people is preparing them to become more effective within their organization, to become a more valuable member of the team.


What is PDS' role in providing training to State of Iowa employees?


PDS is the centralized training unit for Iowa state government as provided in the Iowa Code, section 8A.431. PDS is a unit of the Iowa Department of Administrative Services (DAS)/ Human Resources Enterprise (HRE). This relationship with DAS/HRE allows PDS to provide training courses that are aligned with state personnel policies and state employees' work. As the primary training unit for state government, PDS is also able to negotiate reduced prices and pass those savings on to state departments.


Is there a charge for PDS courses?


Courses are delivered by contractors as well as state employees.  Please see fee scale effective 7/1/20.


How can I enroll in an upcoming seminar?


To enroll in a seminar, please complete course registration on the State of Iowa Learning Management System, and submit your request to obtain appropriate approvals. If you have questions, please reach out to your organization's training liaison. If your agency does not have a training liaison, please reach out to the PDS team at  **Please contact PDS Training if you have any special needs or accommodations.