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It is the mission of PDS to: Provide performance development services that directly impact the ability of the State of Iowa to deliver expert, timely and cost effective programs and services. Please let us know how we can assist you in enrolling you or your staff in any of these courses to help make an impact within your workplace.


PDS Announces Online Delivery of Virtual Courses

We know the impact of COVID-19 has created some challenges for delivery of our face to face courses. However, PDS is currenlty working to make more courses available online, we highly encourage you to look into our current PDS on-demand and online live courses, along with New Horizons courses. 


PDS Online Live Courses 

PDS On-Demand Courses  New Horizons Courses   





CPM Cohort 34 to start in September 2020!

  • Interested in the schedule? Coming soon

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Read the CPM FAQ for answers to these common questions and more!



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