Variable rate funds are professionally managed pools of investments (stocks, bonds, cash, or other securities) that are invested to meet a specific objective such as growth, income, or both.

A list of funds available in your plan may be accessed as shown below.

Each RIC active provider offers funds in a variety of investment categories including, but not limited to:

  • Money Market funds
  • Bond funds
  • Balanced funds
  • Large cap stock funds
  • Mid cap stock funds
  • Small cap stock funds
  • Internationa/Globall funds
  • Life stage/target date/asset allocation funds
  • Socially conscious funds
  • Real estate funds

Your contributions purchase shares of a fund with many other investors; shares are purchased at a specific price per share; and the price fluctuates in the market according to the performance of the investments inside of the fund.

*Please note: fixed rates and variable rate fund returns are not guaranteed by the State of Iowa or the US Government and are not FDIC insured. Guaranteed rates are insured by the issuing investment provider. These rates are updated on our website quarterly. One or more of the active providers may change rates more frequently than quarterly. To obtain the most current guaranteed rate information, please contact the active provider directly.