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I/3 Accounting Documents & Forms

For questions regarding I/3 Forms, contact Nick Miller, State Accounting.

General Accounting Transaction Document

GAX  General Accounting Expenditure  

Interface Documents

PROD  PROD for Interfaces  
TAPE  TAPE for Interfaces  

Manual Disbursement Document

MD  Manual Disbursement  

Travel Documents

TP  Travel Payment  
TPN  Travel Payment Non-Reverted  
TPO  Travel Payment Overpayment  
TPR  Travel Payment Reverted  

Travel Relocation Documents

 Relocation Expense Recap  
   TP (RELO-EXP) Travel Payment for Relocation Expenses  
   TP (RELO-SUB) Travel Payment for Relocation Subsistence   

Vendor Forms

I/3  I/3 New Vendor Form  
I/3  I/3 New Vendor Location Form  
I/3  I/3 Vendor Conversion Form  
I/3  I/3 Vendor Modification Form top

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