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Procurement Contacts

DAS Central Procurement Staff

For additional information on specific bids, vendor applications or existing contracts, please contact the appropriate purchasing agent listed below.

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Chief Operating Officer  Allen Meyer 515-725-2272
Chief Financial Officer Marie Hawthorne 515-321-9529
Strategic Sourcing Specialist Aaron Blass 515-218-5741
Administrative Assistant Heather Forburger 515-321-5284
Procurement Manager Karl Wendt, CPPB, CPPO, CPSM 515-281-7073
Purchasing Agents Randy Bennett  515-322-1210
  Ken Discher, CPPB 515-745-2561
  Kathy Harper 515-321-7686
  Julie Janssen 515-240-2698
  David Kundid 515-745-2796
  Bobbi Pulley 515-322-2893
  Kelli Sizenbach 515-322-7135
  Randy Worstell 515-443-3004
Purchasing Email  
Purchasing Fax     515-725-2064
Pcard Program Specialist   Barbara Sullivan 515-321-9691
Pcard Program Fax     515-725-0062