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Human Resources Enterprise

Front Desk Receptionist  515-281-5889
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Employment Services
Job announcement and application review, position classification and compensation, statewide recruitment, Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity, employee relations
Organizational Performance
Personnel Officer services
Risk and Benefits Management
Health and dental insurance for active employees and retirees, life and long-term disability, flexible spending accounts (FSA), Retirement Investors' Club (RIC), and training and development
Talent Development
Supporting the facilitation and coordination of all executive branch agencies in the statewide priority of cultural transformation, leadership skill improvement, and attracting and retaining talent.

WorkSmart Human Capital Management (HCM)
Human Resources Associate services, FMLA and military leaves of absence, payroll, workers' compensation, and safety



Title Name Phone
HR Chief Operations Officer Erin Reinders 515-414-0631 (c) 
HR Chief Strategy Officer Ben Keenan 515-321-6753 (c) 
Administrative Assistant Susan Churchill 515-281-3351
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Anika Gaar-Anderson 515-494-3008 (c)
Data Management and Statistics Tuan Phan 515-422-6828
Front Desk, Mail and Receiving Becky Coffin 515-281-5889
DAS Human Resources Associate Amy Brown 515-725-1247

Employee Relations

Employee Relations, Violence in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination
  Andrea Macy 515-725-1178
515-314-8448 (c)
  Chris Peden 515-414-0630 (c)
  Mike Robinson 515-330-9533 (c)
  Jamie Wilson 515-330-9847 (c)
  HRE Customer Service 515-281-5889
  HRE Customer Service - Fax 515-281-7970
  Employment Verification 515-725-0663

Employment Services

Title Name      Phone
Employment Services Bureau Chief Robert Hansen 515-281-5509

Classification and Compensation

Classification Reviews, Classification System Management, Pay Studies
Classification and Compensation Program Coordinator Steve Ainger 515-281-8961
Classification and Compensation Analyst Krista Cordes 515-281-6811
Classification Specialist Alyssa Hunt 515-281-4415
Classification Specialist Kristina Johnson 515-281-5068

Pre-Audit / HRIS Systems

HRIS Systems Velma Matchinsky 515-281-5239

Pre-Employment / Applications

Application Review, NEOGOV Applicant Tracking System, Recall/Outplacement, Job Announcements, Veteran Preference    
Pre-Employment Lead Kelly Fredericks 515-281-8893
Employment Specialist Dawn Rae Bauman 515-281-6889
Employment Specialist Keith Lord 515-281-6474
Employment Specialist Sarah Morgan 515-281-6479

Recruiting, Retention, and Diversity

Recruiting and Retention Assistance, Temporary Staffing Contract Manager, Diversity Abbie Olson 515-443-4554 (c)

Other Numbers

Employment Verification   515-725-0663
Employee Investigations, Employment Verification, Veterans' Form Submission Fax Number 515-281-7970

Organizational Performance        

Title Name Phone
Organizational Performance Bureau Chief Erin Reinders 515-414-0631 (c)

Personnel Officers

Available for consultation on labor and legal services issues, performance management, job classification, staffing issues, work rule and policy development, special pay actions. Carol Adams 641-422-9473
515-414-0658 (c)
Penni Campagna 515-725-2987
515-402-3846 (c)
  Davi Ellis 515-281-2097
515-422-4053 (c)
  Kristy Emmons 515-204-9412 (c)
  Lori Gregory 515-802-0993 (c)
  Erick Lynes 319-626-4222
515-414-0746 (c)
  Monica McAlpin 515-414-0749 (c)
  Debbie Noe 515-725-0675
    515-414-0622 (c)
  Diane Warwick 515-725-0676 
    515-214-0885 (c)
  Jen Wolver 515-725-2242 
515-321-0013 (c)

Risk and Benefits Management

Title Name Phone
Risk and Benefits Management Bureau Chief Jessica Lingo 515-418-0287 (c)

FMLA and Other Leave Programs

Leave programs (including FMLA contract management, military leave, donated leave, and leave without pay) Amie Boudreau 515-281-5214
Mackay Hicks 515-805-5457 (c)
Christal Hills 515-725-2159
Mandy Martin 515-725-1248
Shelley Stjernberg 515-281-6207
Meagnon Wilson 515-281-4297

Health and Dental Insurance 

Health Insurance Team Leader
Health and dental policies and procedures, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Healthy Opportunities Wellness Program, benefit education, optional insurance and automatic payroll deduction
Amy Liechti 515-422-7156 (c)
Group Insurance Technical Specialists
Employee and retiree benefits
Julie Finnell 515-401-7947 (c)
Mackay Hicks 515-805-5457 (c)

Health and Dental Insurance (Retirees)

Retiree Benefits Specialist
Retiree health and dental applications and P1 approval
Susan Piel 515-725-0668
515-802-1566 (c)


Benefits Administrator  Kelley Hall  515-281-8989

Leave and Extended Insurance Plans

Life, Long-Term Disability, and COBRA Specialist
Life and long-term disability policies and procedures and premiums; COBRA application processing; unemployment insurance; relocation; employee discount programs; billing adjustment back-up; and HRE webmaster
Danielle Potter 515-281-8866

Benefits Billing Adjustments

Accounting Technician 3 Sandy Mezera  515-281-8999

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Plan Administrator Jenny Sandusky 515-281-0569

Retirement Investors' Club (RIC) Deferred Compensation

General Inquiries: 866-460-4692 / Fax: 515-281-5102    
Plan Administrator Jenny Sandusky 515-281-0569
Program Associate
457/401a customer service and account processing
Terri Shook 515-281-8677
Program Specialist 
Education and communications
Robbie Stoeker 515-601-2382 (c)
403b Plan Specialist 
Participating education-related employers/employees administration and service
John Williams 515-725-2135
Group Insurance, Healthy Opportunities, Workers' Compensation Fax Number 515-242-6450

Workers' Compensation and Safety

Workers' Compensation Coordinator Ryan Ihrke 515-725-0732
515-414-6212 (c)
Safety Coordinator
Occupational Safety and Health, Ergonomic Program
Cindy Houlson 515-343-7394 (c)

Talent Development

Title Name Phone
Talent Development Bureau Chief Ben Keenan 515-321-6753 (c)

Training & Development Specialist
Consultation with agencies on training and development needs; climate surveys, strategic planning/process improvement consulting; assessment and program evaluation; managing relationships with vendors providing services such as coaching and special sessions; coordinator of the Certified Public Manager (CPM) program; and course facilitator

Kim Hanson

515-401-9542 (c)

Training Specialist
Consultation with agencies on training and development needs, assessment and program evaluation, course facilitator, and e-learning development;
Course scheduling - enrollments and cancellations; PDS web updates: bill processing

Mary DeVries
Kellie Seales

515-401-2389 (c)

WorkSmart Human Capital Management (HCM)

Title Name Phone
WorkSmart HCM Bureau Chief Christy Niehaus 515-314-9953 (c)

Human Resources Associates

Announce positions, perform background checks on new employees; conduct new hire orientation; assist employees with benefits enrollment and changes; process payroll and personnel action documents; assist employees with catastrophic leave applications and donations; enter and track workers’ compensation injuries; maintain personnel, medical, and hiring files; and track performance evaluation and increase dates.

Click here for a list of the agencies currently being served by the DAS Human Resources Associates.

Amy Brown 515-725-1247
Laura Clark-Fouse 515-725-0103
Sonya Hearn 515-725-2806
Jacq Minshall 515-725-1085
Christi Patterson 515-281-7611
Ronice Payne 515-725-1246
Marsha Webb 515-725-1733

WorkSmart HCM

  Gina Holt 515-380-2457 (c)
WorkSmart Systems Morgan Kroes 515-725-1752
  Crystal Liljegren-O'Gara 515-371-5363 (c)
  Christina Yeager 515-281-6889

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