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FSA Direct Deposit Information

Reimbursements may be directly deposited into your checking or savings accounts. To elect direct deposit, enter your bank information into IowaBenefits. If you are already receiving reimbursements via direct deposit, please review your bank information in IowaBenefits when you re-enroll each fall.

You may change your banking information at any time. If your bank's routing or account number changes, please update this information in IowaBenefits. Simply updating this information with your payroll system or with ASI will not update it in IowaBenefits.

To update:

  1. Log onto IowaBenefits
  2. Click on the Benefits tab
  3. Click on Edit by Flexible Spending Offer
  4. Click on Show Plan Details
  5. Make your changes and click on Next
  6. Click on either Save option

If you participate in both the health and dependent care flex plans, you may select only one bank account for reimbursements. You cannot have your health flex reimbursements go to one account, and your dependent care reimbursements go to another.

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