The ADA Advisory Committee has made recommendations to the Vertical Infrastructure Advisory Committee for addressing ADA project needs using major maintenance funds. The committee has recommended prioritization based on the priority of the building as well as the priority of the structural barrier to be removed. The Vertical Infrastructure Advisory Committee approved these recommendations on December 14, 2000.

1. Buildings should be prioritized as follows:

  1. Priority 1 - Buildings that provide access to elected officials
  2. Priority 2 - Buildings that have programs and services most frequently used by the general public
  3. Priority 3 - New buildings designed in compliance with ADA regulations and needing few modifications
  4. Priority 4 - Buildings and grounds with programs and services used less frequently by the general public
  5. Priority 5 - Buildings that will be or may be replaced within 5 years

2. Structural barriers to be removed should be prioritized as follows, so as to enable persons with disabilities to:

  1. Priority 1 - Get into the building
  2. Priority 2 - Get to the programs or services offered in the building
  3. Priority 3 - Use the restrooms and building services
  4. Priority 4 - Get additional accommodations to access a program or service

(These priorities follow the recommendations of the ADA.)