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Agency Human Resources Contacts

Agency HR Contact(s)
005 Administrative Services Casie Anderson
009 Agriculture Gina Holt
112 Attorney General's Office (Dept. of Justice)
114 Office of Consumer Advocate (Utilities)
Vicki Bahe
126 Auditor of State Susan Fager
131 Blind Commission Amy Brown
140 Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Amie Boudreau
167 Civil Rights Casie Anderson
185 Office of the Chief Information Officer Amie Boudreau
212 Commerce - Alcoholic Beverages Division Casie Anderson
213 Commerce - Banking Division Kathy Johnson
214 Commerce - Credit Union Division Sara Larkin
216 Commerce - Insurance Division Jennifer Walker
Jolene Schurman
217 Commerce - Professional Licensing Bureau Renee Paulsen
Teresa Stull
219 Commerce - Utilities Board Marsha Webb
238 Corrections - Central Office Susie Pritchard
242 Corrections - Fort Madison (Iowa State Penitentiary) Kathy Rehman
Diane Burgess
243 Corrections - Anamosa State Penitentiary

Nicole Taylor
Lisa Oswald
Kathryn Arnold

244 Corrections - Oakdale (Iowa Medical & Classification Center) Brenda Piper
Lynn Knight
245 Corrections - Newton Correctional Facility Paula Meade 
246 Corrections - Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility Sara Menke
Becky Calhoun
247 Corrections - Rockwell City (North Central Correctional Facility) Nancy Strait (interim)
Keely Smith (interim)
248 Corrections - Clarinda Correctional Facility Sandy Davison
249 Corrections - Mitchellville (Iowa Correctional Institution for Women) Amerist Chambers
250 Corrections - Prison Industries Susie Pritchard
252 Corrections - Fort Dodge Correctional Facility Nancy Strait
Keely Smith
259 Cultural Affairs Marsha Webb
269 Economic Development Amy Brown
270 Iowa Finance Authority Amy Brown
Brooke Parziale
282 Education Kayli Burkhart
283 Vocational Rehabilitation Services Amie Boudreau
284 College Student Aid Commission Merima Dizdarevic
Marsha Webb
285 Iowa PBS Vacant
286 Board of Educational Examiners Marsha Webb
297 Department on Aging Marsha Webb
309 Workforce Development Carolyn Yoss
336 Iowa Communications Network Marsha Webb
379 Human Rights Amy Meston
401-402-413 Human Services
      Central Office
      Centralized Service Delivery Area
      Cedar Rapids Service Delivery Area
      Des Moines Service Delivery Area
      Child Support Recovery (CSRU) and Eastern Serv Delivery Area
      Northern Service Delivery Area, Targeted Case Management
      Western Service Delivery Area

Krys Christensen
Amie Boudreau
Krys Christensen
Casie Anderson
Marsha Webb
Casie Anderson
Amie Boudreau

405 Human Services - Eldora State Training School Ed Gilliland
406 Human Services - Civil Commitment Unit for Sex Offenders
407 Human Services - Cherokee Mental Health Institute
Nicole Hatch
Janet Cedar
409 Human Services - Independence Mental Health Institute Lisa Shonka
Kevin Jimmerson
411 Human Services - Glenwood Resource Center Kelly Waters
Krista Ellis (temp)
Kiley Kugland
412 Human Services - Woodward Resource Center Amy Monaghan
Nannette McNeill
427 Inspections & Appeals
428 State Public Defender
429 Racing & Gaming Commission
Amy Meston
444 Judicial Pam Schlueter
Jason Taylor
467 Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Casie Anderson
500 Legislative Branch - House Kelly Bronsink
Phyllis Pierce
501 Legislative Branch - Senate Samantha Dickson
503 Legislative Branch - Office of Ombudsman Carmen Gomez
504 Legislative Services Agency Matt Kruse
532 Management Tammy Winters
542 Natural Resources Amanda Ewing
Cami McGrory
547 Board of Parole Susie Pritchard
553 IPERS Melinda Rushing
572 Public Employment Relations Board Leisa Luttrell
582 Public Defense Janie Keubler
Joann McGee
583 Homeland Security Julie Nishijima
Amy Brown
588 Public Health Lorraine Brockman
Tracey Casey
592 Iowa Public Information Board Marsha Webb
595 Public Safety Tracy Seely
Helen Lynch
625 Revenue Krys Christensen
Cindy Fardal
Kristi Conter
627 Lottery Deb Bassett
635 Secretary of State Casie Anderson
642 Office of Drug Control Policy Amie Boudreau
645 Transportation

Jenna Borkowski (lead)
Mandy Fjelland
Lacy Lawrence
Kylie Westberg

655 Treasurer of State Victoria Newton
Karen Austin
670 Veterans Affairs Janie Keubler
Joann McGee
671 Iowa Veterans Home Denise Balot
Kelley Rook
Steven Simpson
Charity Bandstra
Monica Dirks
Ella Dohlman (temp)


State Fair Authority
Stacy Jorgensen: 515-262-3111 ext. 213

Community Based Corrections

District Contact Phone
District 1

Kristin Blaylock


District 2 Chrystal Thorson (515) 574-4022
District 3 Laura Sullivan (712) 224-6834
District 4 Suzanne Schleifman (712) 396-2206 
District 5 Karen Chapman (515) 242-6606
District 6 Michelle Azevedo (319) 398-3675
District 7 Brandy Manrique (563) 324-2063
District 8 Valerie Annis-Lanman
Sindy Wear 
(641) 472-4242 x555 
(641) 472-4242 x555

Updated 11/29/2021