This site contains helpful resources to assist Iowa government agencies with purchasing environmentally friendly products.

Iowa Code ยง 8A.318 requires Iowa schools to use green cleaning products. Please visit the Green Clean Iowa Schools page so that schools can access information they need.

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Our Green Buyer website contains:

Getting Started Buying Green

The section includes links to a number of helpful resources and organizations pertaining to "buying green". The State of Iowa, Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is a member of the Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN) and encourage you to become members also. RPN is a national network of procurement-related professionals dedicated to socially responsible and environmentally sustainable purchasing. One of the RPN membership benefits is access to their 'Purchasing Guides' which studies into certain products in detail, such as Bottled Water, Cleaners, Computers, Fleets, Lighting, Office Lighting, Paint, and Faith Communities.

Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN)
Includes more than 80 environmental purchasing policies and links to several additional resources.

Product Stewardship Institute (PSI)
The State of Iowa, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is also a member of the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI). The objective of product stewardship is to encourage manufacturers to redesign products with fewer toxics, and to make them more durable, reusable, and recyclable, and with recycled materials.

NASPO Green Purchasing Guide
This guide is intended to be a straight forward, easy-to-use document that provides purchasers with a basic understanding of the concept and benefits of green purchasing, offers recommended steps and proven strategies to enable the implementation of a green purchasing program, and supplies links to other resources offering detailed information on specific elements of the process.

The North American Green Purchasing Initiative
A Self-Assessment Tool (Eco-Eval) is designed to help professional purchasers evaluate their organization's environmental purchasing initiatives and identify opportunities for improvement.

Getting Clean by Going Green
Useful tips on changing your lifestyle to adopting more environmentally-friendly habits and turning to renewable sources for our energy needs.

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Executive Branch Policies

The Department of Administrative Services follows the rules set forth here in regards to:

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Environmental Labels

  • Chlorine Free Products Association (CFPA)
    CFPA certifies paper and tissue products meeting its standard.
  • The Carpet and Rug Institute
    Seal of Approval green cleaning solutions effectively and safely remove stains and soil without adversely affecting the appearance or the performance of the carpet โ€” a wise investment for commercial and institutional purchasers.
  • EcoLogo
    EcoLogo is North America's oldest and most widely known environmental leadership standard. It is the only North American program certified by the Global Ecolabeling Network. The EcoLogo website includes more than 150 environmental standards and more than 3,000 certified products. Purchasers are using the site to research or develop purchasing specifications and to put together [potential bidder lists.
  • Energy Star
    The U.S. Federal Government's Energy Star program establishes energy-efficiency criteria for a wide variety of products in more than 40 product categories. The site lists all of the products meeting efficiency requirements. It also includes recommended purchasing specifications and online training resources.
  • EPEAT - Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool
    EPEAT identifies environmentally preferable computer desktops, laptops and monitors.
  • Green-e
    Green-e certifies sources of renewable electricity and renewable energy credits generated from clean energy sources such as wind, solar, or small scale hydro-electric. It also certifies products that were manufactured in facilities using renewable energy.
  • Green Seal
    Green Seal is one of only two North American members of the Global Ecolabeling Network. Its' website includes detailed environmental standards for dozens of commodities. It also includes a list of all of the Green Seal certified products with links to the manufacturers. Purchasers are using the site to research or develop purchasing specifications and to put together potential bidder lists.
    Green Guard focuses exclusively on indoor air quality issues. Its website includes certified products in more than 15 different categories, many focus on building materials and interiors.
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
    LEED establishes the most widely cited standard for determining the environmental preferably of buildings. Its point based system makes it easy for purchasers to specify green buildings.

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Local/Regional/National Organizations