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Core Contacts

Executive Leadership



Title Name Phone
DAS Director Adam Steen 515-281-5360
DAS Deputy Director, Chief Financial Officer Dave Heuton 515-725-0114
eDAS/Billing DAS Finance Billing  
Marketing & Communications, Legislative Liaison Tami Wiencek 515-725-2017

Finance and Operations Division

For specific questions about the Finance and Operations Division please contact the appropriate staff listed below.




AP AR Supervisor Pam Sullivan 515-281-0887
Financial Manager Mirela Jusic 515-281-5062
GSE Chief Financial Officer Matthew Durand 515-314-4215
CPFSE Chief Financial Officer Marie Agey 515-321-9529
HRE Chief Financial Officer Mike Cornelison 515-336-9435
SAE/CORE Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Caldwell 515-725-0097
OCIO Financial Analyst Ermin Kremic 515-204-7983

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