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Accounting Manual

State Accounting Policy & Procedures Manual

Procedure 260
270.000Table of Contents
270.101General Procedure-DAS-SAE-Daily Processing-Pre-Audit Documents
270.102General Procedure-DAS-SAE-Daily Processing-Accounting Documents
270.150Correction of Documents Pre-Audited by DAS-SAE-Daily Processing
270.200Rejection of Documents Pre-Audited by DAS-SAE-Daily Processing
270.201Rejection of Documents
270.250Incorrect Warrant
270.300Multiple Vendor Documents
270.350Warrant Register
270.400State of Iowa Warrant
270.401Electronic Fund Transfers (Direct Deposit) of State Payments
270.450Vendor Codes
270.500Outdated Warrants
270.550Cancelled Warrants
270.650Stop Payments on Warrants
270.700Rescind Stop Payment
270.750Forged Warrants
270.800Outstanding Warrants
270.850Income Offsets