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Accounting Manual

State Accounting Policy & Procedures Manual

Procedure 235
240.000Table of Contents
240.102Services Contracting
240.103Contracts-Lease, Rental and Maintenance Agreements
240.150Prior Approvals - One Time Approvals
240.155Prior Approval - Blanket Approvals
240.170Request for Exception to State-Wide Policies - General
240.171Prior Approvals - Request for Exception to State-Wide Policy - Form
240.172Prior Approvals - State Sponsored Conferences
240.200Gifts/Conflicts of Interest of Public Officers and Employees
240.250Deposit Accounts
240.300Imprest Petty Cash Funds
240.301New Fund Requests
240.350Shorthand Court Reporters
240.500Settlements - Current and Former Employees
240.510Payment for Personnel Settlement Agreements
240.550Postage Meter