The first part of the State of Iowa Performance Planning and Evaluation system, the Individual Performance Plan, should be prepared for each state employee as the new evaluation period begins. The second half of the new system, the Evaluation, is to be completed at the end of the evaluation period.


  1. Individual Performance Plan Evaluation - This is the form to be used to prepare the Individual Performance Plan and Evaluation. This file is a Word template. To function properly as a template, it should be saved to the user's computer.
  2. Instructions for Completing the State of Iowa - Individual Performance Plan and Evaluation
  3. The Individual Performance Plan - further information.
  4. The Evaluation - further information.
  5. The Individual Development Plan - further information.
  6. Example of Individual Performance Plan - Administrative Support position
  7. Example of Individual Performance Plan - Supervisory position
  8. Example of Individual Performance Plan - Bureau Chief
  9. Example of Individual Performance Plan - Scientist
  10. Example of Individual Performance Plan - Forester
  11. Special Projects Example



  1. Landscape orientation - The Individual Performance Plan and Evaluation was designed in landscape orientation. If the text on the screen appears too small to read comfortably, adjust the document's zoom feature to a higher percentage.

  2. Navigating the IndPerfPlanEval form - Since this form was created using macros, Word may warn you that the form contains macros when you open it. Click on "Enable Macros," if the warning message appears. Users running Word 2000 or higher need to ensure that their Tools/Options/Macro/Security/Security Level/…is set to "Medium." If the setting is "High," macros will not run. 

    The nature of a Word form is that information is entered into fields represented by the gray shaded boxes in the document. Pressing the Tab key moves the user forward from entry field to entry field across, then down the page. To move back one field at a time, press Shift-Tab or click in any desired field with the mouse. 

    Text entry fields will accept any characters, although the number of characters is limited in a few fields, either to accept a standard number of characters (ex. Position Number) or to prevent text from wrapping and adding another line, thereby causing readability problems. 

    Date entry fields automatically format acceptable date entries. 

    Checkmarks are inserted and removed from checkboxes by pressing the spacebar with the cursor on the checkbox or by clicking on them with the mouse.

  3. Spell checking - By default, Word enables spell checking in a protected document, therefore the IndPerfPlanEval includes a special feature to permit spell checking. When the form is open, the custom "Spell Check Plan" toolbar appears, along with other standard toolbars. Click this button to spell check your form.

  4. Adding Strategies (Goals): The form is set up to include entries for up to four Individual Performance Strategies (Goals). By clicking the "Add Goal" button on the toolbar at the top of the form, additional goals may be singly inserted. Once inserted, however, the additional strategies (goals) cannot be easily removed. 

    Because of the numbering set up for "Individual Performance Strategy Goal" sections, if a user decides to enter a second paragraph within a goal statement, Word automatically applies the next number sequence to that paragraph. If a user needs to enter a second (or more) paragraph to a goal entry and not have it create a new number sequence, they need to press instead of

  5. Pagination Text boxes will automatically expand in those areas where the amount of text is highly variable, which means, for example, that an "Individual Performance Strategy Goal" may span to the next page. If the automatic page break that occurs needs adjusting by a few lines, you can force the break further down in the text by entering additional blank lines before the naturally occurring break. (In "Normal" view, automatic page breaks appear as dotted lines across the screen.)

  6. Name entry - In order to easily identify for whom the Plan and Evaluation is prepared, the name typed in the name field is automatically entered in the page foot.

Questions about performance planning and evaluation should be directed to your personnel officer.

Questions about how to use the forms may be sent to HRE Customer Service.