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                         PDS Performance & Development Solutions

It is the mission of PDS to: Provide performance development services that directly impact the ability of the State of Iowa to deliver expert, timely and cost effective programs and services. Please let us know how we can assist you in enrolling you or your staff in any of these courses to help make an impact within your workplace.

PDS Face-to-Face Classes Suspended Until Further Notice


PDS On-Demand Course Offerings We highly encourage you to look into our current on-demand offerings, which include both PDS and New Horizons courses. 


PDS is currently working to make courses available online for staff to continue their professional development. We are working to have online content soon. 

In the meantime, we are pleased to announce that the vendors for the following courses will be moving their courses online and these courses will still run:

    April 16        Managing Effective Meetings (1/2 day) (MTS MT 001)
    April 14        Dimensions of Behavior (1/2 day) (MTS GI 312)
    April 21-22  Project Management Seminar (2 day) (MTS PT 103)
    April 21-22  Crucial Conversations (2 day) (MTS CC 101) 
   April 23     Strategies for Work/Life Balance (Day 2 of 2) (MTS WL 002)  
                        *This is the 2nd part of the class held on 02/18/20
   April 29     Listening Skills (MTS LS 001)    
                         *NEW DATE! This class has been rescheduled from 04/08/20.
    April 30       Strategies for Work/Life Balance (Day 1 of 2) (MTS WL 001) (Day 2: 06/10/20)
    May 5         Thriving on Change (MTS GI 163)
    May 6-7       Creative Thinking & Problem Solving (MTS CT 001) 
                                 *Class time: May 6 1PM-4:30PM & May 7 8:30AM-12:00PM
    May 12       Crucial Accountability (MTS CA 201)
    June 4-5     Crucial Conversations (2 day) (MTS CC 101)
    June 11      Project Management Fundamentals (MTS PT 123) 
    June 16      Emotional Intelligence (MTS EI 201)
   If you have questions, please reach out to your Training Liaison or contact PDS. 


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