The following list includes many frequently used DAS-HRE forms and policies in one central location for the user's convenience. Several of these forms are also found in the Managers and Supervisors Manual and other locations on the DAS-HRE website. Where that is the case, a link to the respective Chapter in the Manual or other resource has been included.

This information is divided into sections for convenience:

Administrative Rules

The Department of Administrative Services' primary rule chapter is 11 of the Iowa Administrative Code.

Agency Human Resources Contacts


Coverage Beginning and Ending Dates

Health and Dental insurance Premiums


 Flexible Spending Accounts 

Leave Programs

Life Events 

Life Insurance

Updated 12/14/2021


I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification)
Note: Chrome and Firefox users must right-click and select "Save link as" to download the I-9 form to their computer. The form can then be opened in Adobe Acrobat for completion. Internet Explorer users may click the link to complete the form within the browser, or may save the form to their computer to complete.


Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Family and Medical Leave Act forms are available at the:

Fiscal Year End Processing

Insurance Arrears and Adjustments

Arrears Forms

Health and Dental Forms

(Only to be used for exceptions and corrections that can no longer be done in the system)

Life and LTD Forms

(Only to be used for exceptions and corrections that can no longer be done in the system)

Training Materials

HRA Helps and Example Letters

  • Terminating Employee Check List for Arrears¬†¬†
  • Example Letter Template: ¬†Bill for Outstanding Arrears¬† Coming Soon¬†
  • Example Letter Template: ¬†Second Notice Bill for Outstanding Arrears¬† Coming Soon




Life Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance

Manuals and Other Resources

Military Leave




Excel Calculators - For calculating vacation and sick leave payouts, dates, pay adjustments, pay increases, and more

Pay Period Calendars

Next Increase Date Schedules

(previously referred to as "Step" Increase Dates)

Employees Moving To/From Executive Branch and...

Additional Resources

(cheat sheets, checklists, and more)

P-1 Type Descriptions (sorted by P-1 number)

Reasonable Accommodation


Questions? Send an email to Centralized Payroll

Retirement Checklists and Templates


Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP)


Severe Weather Information

Sexual Harassment

State Human Resources Policies

This section lists the more frequently accessed policies of DAS-HRE and Iowa state government.

Taxable Benefits Processing


Temporary Services

Unemployment Insurance Management

Workers' Compensation

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