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Voluntary Insurance (Automatic Payroll Deduction Program)

The Automatic Payroll Deduction (APD) program offers state employees an opportunity to take advantage of insurance products not offered in the State of Iowa benefit program. 

All permanent state employees, regardless of branch of state government, are eligible for these discounts.  

The State is able to offer post-tax payroll deductions to pay your insurance premiums directly to the vendor.

In order to have insurance premiums deducted post-tax from state employees through payroll, a vendor must have and maintain the participation of 500 or more state employees.

Employee guidelines

  • You may meet with agents at the work place on non-work time to obtain information.
  • Any questions or issues that may arise with regard to a chosen policy should be directed to the participating vendor.
  • Any resulting coverage you decide to purchase will be based on a contract between you and the participating vendor.

Types of insurance available


Aflac American
Accident  X   X X     X
Cancer     X X     X
Critical Illness X   X       X
Heart Attack and Stroke              X
Heart Attack, Heart Disease, and Stroke        X      
Hospital Indemnity  X           X
Short Term Disability X   X       X
Term Life     X       X
Universal Life   X         X
Vision Insurance           X  
Whole Life     X   X    

Vendors authorized for payroll deduction


Agent Phone Number Website


Jane Pottebaum 712-830-7820

NTA Life

Richard Holliday 888-671-6771

New York Life

Jay Black 515-782-7787

Two Rivers Insurance Services

Jim Annear 515-327-2020

Washington National

Alan Harris 515-252-7099

Vendors NOT authorized for payroll deduction



Phone Number       


American National

Carl Davis 515-491-4576

Colonial Life

Richard Ginther 515-205-9660

Any insurance products purchased with a Voluntary Insurance Program vendor is the sole responsibility of the individual employee.  All state employees are encouraged to shop and compare prices and services before purchasing, signing any contract, or making any arrangements. Employees must contact the vendor for any specific questions or concerns and for all customer service functions.


  • The State of Iowa does not endorse or sponsor any APD vendor, or the products and services they provide. 
  • The State of Iowa assumes no responsibility for any purchases or disputes between individual employees and the vendors. 
  • The State of Iowa assumes no obligation for these insurance plans. 
  • All arrangements are strictly between the employee, as a consumer, and the insurance company. 
  • The State as the employer is not part of the insurance relationship.
  • The State has not reviewed or completed a competitive bid on any of these offerings. 

Published: 04/15/2019 
Updated 06/21/2019