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Dental Insurance

Your dental health is as important as your medical health. The State of Iowa offers eligible employees and their dependents Delta Dental of Iowa that provides comprehensive preventive services and coverage for most conditions requiring dental diagnosis and treatment, including orthodontic treatment for children.


All of the State-sponsored dental insurance plans are provided by Delta Dental of Iowa. You may receive services from any dentist. There are advantages in receiving services from a dentist who participate with Delta Dental of Iowa or any other Delta Dental Member Company.

Dental Insurance Resources

State of Iowa's Delta Dental Benefits Certificate PDF

Dental Insurance Premiums

2018 Dental Insurance Premiums for All Employees (except SPOC-covered employees) PDF 

Vision Care Discount Program

In addition to dental benefits, your dental insurance also includes access to a vision discount program through EyeMed Vision Care at no additional cost. You and your family members who are enrolled in Delta Dental of Iowa are eligible to receive the discounts.  More information about the vision discount program is available at the DAS Vision Discount Program for Delta Dental Members website.

More Information

For more information about dental insurance, contact your human resources associate.

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