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Employee and Retiree Benefits

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The State of Iowa’s commitment to its employees is demonstrated by the total compensation package provided by the State. Employees’ compensation is more than just their direct pay. In addition to the direct compensation received as a State of Iowa employee, a significant amount is spent on the benefit plans available to employees and their families.




Explore valuable benefits & services while employed

Review how to continue your insurance benefits at retirement

Continuation of health and dental coverage after coverage ends

Benefits at a Glance 

The State of Iowa recognizes that employees have different needs. That’s why the State offers a benefit program that allows you to choose among a number of benefit options. Benefits may vary between employees based on their collective bargaining status.

Executive branch new employees (except SPOC-covered) hired on or after July 1, 2017 
AFSCME-covered employees hired before July 1, 2017 
UE/IUP-covered employees hired before July 1, 2017
SPOC-covered employees 
Judicial Branch employees
Legislative Branch employees