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Certificate Programs

 PDS Performance & Development Solutions

PDS offers 4 certificate programs as well as the discontinuance of the FLS certificate.

Foundations of Leadership Series (FLS)-no longer offered effective July 1, 2015
Employees enrolled in the Foundations of Leadership Series Certificate (FLS) before July 1, 2015 are not required to complete the (1) courses to earn that certificate, but must complete Advanced Principles 1 and 2: Dimensions of Leadership: Creating Violence Free Workplace, Dimensions of Leadership, Ethics of Leadership and Influence; From Interview to Hire; Fundamentals of Supervision and Performance Evaluation by June 30, 2020 to earn the (FLS) certificate.

Managers and supervisors who took the ADA; Discipline, Grievances & the Contract: Diversity Training for Managers and Supervisors; EEO/AA/AntiDiscrimination; Investigating Employee Misconduct; Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors; Shaping Effective and Engaged Teams; and Substance Abuse before July 1, 2015 can apply these courses to the Advanced Leadership Development Certificate (ALDC), but must complete the rest of the coursework in the ALDC within 5 years from the first course taken to earn the Advanced Leadership Development Certificate.


Course work must be completed within five (5) years of enrollment into the series. Upon completion of all course work within the same series, employees should notify their department's Training Liaison. PDS will then issue a certificate of completion signed by the Governor. Courses may be taken in any order, but the APDC cannot be issued before the PDC is issued and the ALDC cannot be issued before the LDC is issued.

Iowa Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program

Performance & Development Solutions and Drake University have partnered to offer a CPM Program for Iowa. The purpose of the program is to guide public managers to incorporate best-practice management techniques into their everyday management strategies. More information