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Centralized Payroll

Centralized Payroll is committed to meeting the expectations of State of Iowa employees each pay period to receive a timely and accurate payment. Centralized Payroll processes payroll warrants and direct deposits every year for personnel in the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of State government. 

Centralized Payroll Links

W-2 Information for Calendar Year 2020 - For State of Iowa Employees
Online Payroll Warrant Information
Payroll Forms & IRS Publications
Payroll Manuals for State of Iowa Employees and HRAs

Calendars & Schedules

2021 Pay Period Calendar  |  State of Iowa Holidays
2022 Pay Period Calendar
Timesheet Conversion Table - A Minute-to-Decimal Conversion Table
FY21 Pay Period Insurance Deduction Schedule
FY22 Pay Period Insurance Deduction Schedule

Post-Retirement Program Information for State of Iowa Retirees

Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP)

FAQ for SLIP Participants - Frequently Asked Questions for Retirees
SLIP Benefits • HREs Web Page for Retirees Participating in SLIP

questions Questions? Send an email to Centralized Payroll • Contact information for Centralized Payroll Staff